exeshe4ki #DrawCember


Started. Sketch coming soon tonight.



Seems the effect of Christmas candyes there! Ehehe
Like your lines.


Coca-cola is coming!


Is there a reason why you prefer to use a white line?


Well, i can say that there is reason but i don’t know how critical it could be for other people.

Here is explanation:

  1. I have a 30" display and pure white canvas generates too much light for my eyes. I feel myself discomfort. So i tone down canvas to gray color, something around 50% black/white.
  2. Nowadays, i am trying to paint with Corel Painter oil brushes which has very strange blend settings: blend from dark to light easier than from light to dark. So, i push canvas tone even more further to dark values for this reason. Something around 65-70%.

And when i do sketches, i just don’t want to change this setup for paintings. And result is white lines on dark canvas =)


Thank you for the answer! Now i get it. I have a 27" display and i also have the same problem, thats why i use a grey background.
And i also see that in Painter, sometimes even seems random blending. Thats why for some things i need to open the file in Photoshop and make some parts there.




cranes, islands, cristmas


I like your use of depth of field here.


I’m sorry the lighter backgrounds hurt your eyes, but it’s nice to see you found a way to make it work for you. This really makes for an interesting effect :slight_smile:


Love that Coke truck.
Great idea on the palette flip. I may try that, not only for my eyes but for the extra heat it puts off too.


I agree with LadyMedusa! This effect its very appealing


radioactive tree

Thanks for feedback, guys! I don’t have enough time to reply every day, apologize for that.


second shot about radioactive tree. 30 years ago.


You have a great line for technical illustration.
I’m glad you have the time to show us your stuff.


I enjoy the sense of scale in your radioactive cube sketch. I like all of them, but that last one is really cool to look at. Are you planning a story about the radioactive tree? :smiley:


you have very confident lines in your illustrations. It seems so easy to do when I look at your submissions but I should definitively learn more about drawing in perspective :slight_smile:


I don’t, to be honest. Corel Painter has helpful perspective guides and stick every stroke you need to them =)


I have some plans for series of Tree sketches. True.


Corel Painter auto adjust to perspective guides. My freehand strokes are kinda ugly =)