Excitement!: I got intot the school I wanted to go to.


Hello All,

I know that I am not the biggest personality on this forum, so many of you wont know who I am but I wanted to let you all know that two weeks ago I found out I got into the school I wanted to go to. I was completely shocked!

I think I was so shocked because I never received my acceptance letter.

Here is how I found out:

They called me two weeks ago on monday to tell me that there was an orientation meeting on tuesday. I said “What does this mean, I never got an acceptance letter?” And the person on the phone told me she was calling the new students to remind them of the orientation meeting.

Anyways during the course of that week I moved out of my parents home, found a place to live in the San Jose area, bought my own dishes and a whole bunch of other things!!

What a crazy week it was for me.

So, now I am going into my second week of school. Oh I almost forgot the school is called Cogswell and I am going to get my BA degree there in 3d modelling and animation.

I am getting the impression from most of the students that I will mostly be learning XSI and Maya. It is a little strange to me. I feel like I am the only Lightwave user at the school!!! Oh well, now I will be able to broaden my horizons and learn some new tools.

Well, that is about all I have to say at the moment. Thanks for letting me share my excitement with all of you. I think this is a great community.


Cogswell is a good school! Congrats!


Hey! Alright! Congratulations, Jared!


wow, I can feel your excitment through your post.

Congratulations and may all your dreams from here on out come true :buttrock:


Indeed congrats! First time away from the 'rents?


one week to pack up, get out of your parents place, find your own place, fill it with all the usefull stuff (which is: your pc, a microwave, a fridge, lots of junk food… the rest is secondary) and actually go to school!

and a whole load of good luck for the school too!


Congratulations and good luck! I’m sure you’ll enjoy Maya and XSI - they are both awesome programs that you’ll be glad to be adding to your toolset :smiley:


Awesome stuff man!

Good luck with your future, and be sure to post your progress for your old friends here!



I didnt think I would get so many replies, thanks for the encouragement.


Well this is kinda my first time away from the ‘rents.’ I have spent my last six summers away from home, working at summer camps, went to europe for a month, going on road trips, etc…

But this is my first time that seems like I am out indefinitely!! Its kinda exciting and its funny cause I already feel at home here and I have only been gone for a week.

I dont have any 3d classes this semester:( but I am taking some fun courses. They include:

math <- not so stimulating:)
storytelling <-- I read the whole textbook this week, it was really interesting.
drawing for animation<-- Something I always wanted to try!
mass communications <-- I think this is going to be about how the media manipulates peopel, lol

Well, I got to get ready for class… I start at 745

Have a great day everyone.


Congrats on being accepted to the school you wanted to go to, and good luck learning new tools…all it can do is help!


Hey congrats Jared, :applause:

hope you will learn a lot of things and have fun. I feel your excitement.

And you know how great it is to go to school, much easier than going to work everyday (or freelancing), you know you learn for yourself not for the school or your parents… :stuck_out_tongue:


Would I be able to find out how to apply for this school?

Can you post some url’s for the university…etc.

Thanks in Advance!


That’s awesome oxyg3n!!

I actually went to Cogswell and my wife is currently in graduation mode from there. It’s a great school! You will love it.

That Storytelling class you’re taking actually ended up being one of my favorite classes ever. It may have just been the students in there (there were only 6 of us!) and the teacher, but it was an awesome class. I loved that Drawing for Animation class too!! It’s nice to know the basis and history of what we do in 3d…

I’m curious…who’s teaching those two classes?


Hello Again,


Here is the url for the school: [http://www.cogswell.edu/home.html](cogswell school)

So far I like it a lot. It is a small school. I think that there are only about 400 students. All of my classes only have 9-12 people in them. Except for my math class, which has probably 20-25 people. And they were even thinking of spliting it up into two sections.

The school where I got my AA from had over 30,000 students.

Cogswell is fully accredited, and your units will transfer back into the university system, which is good for those who want to persue a masters degree.

I am surprised at all the places near-by. The school is just a few blocks away from Lockhead Martin Space Systems. And there are these huge satelite dishes parked there. I want to take some pictures of them. I drove into their parking lot by accident after class today, and there was a security check point so I turned around!!

And I was looking at a map, and I am pretty close to the Nasa Ames Research Center. I must find out if I can take a tour of these places. That would rock.


The story telling class is looking like it will be one of my favorite classes too. The book I read was “The Writers Journey” and it outlined the mytic stucture of stories. Very interesting stuff.

It is being taught by Emily Paramonova and my drawing for animation class is taught by Jeff Jackson. He is really exciting to listen to. I can tell he likes his work very much.

What did you study there??

Oh and I am also excited because they have a fencing club! I always wanted to try that out. I heard that the professor who is in charge of it is kinda a difficult peson to be around so it is fun to be in the club because you get to hit him with the sword!!

Well, I need to eat lunch now, go drop of my film at the lab, and get to my math class.

Have a nice day:)


Sounds like you’re going to love it there, like I did…

I studied Character Animation for the most part, and towards the end that kind of changed into ‘Digital Media’. I went there when things were not as organized as they are now and, from what I’ve heard, the curriculum was quite different. I actually REALLY wish that I could go back (I still need to take a few more classes), but unfortunately I can’t afford it. I’m excited for you to be able to go there and learn…it’s an excellent experience.

If you can, be sure to take Reid Winfrey’s figure drawing courses – they’ll be required sooner or later, but be sure to take it with him. You’ll learn so much you won’t know what to do with it all!

Good luck to you!! :thumbsup: If you ever have any questions about anything there, just ask. I don’t post very much but I’m on here every day… :slight_smile:


Thanks man, I just asked for a college school year calendar, and a request to be contacted.

Thanks again!


Thats is good news, congrats!!!

I had a pretty good time at college, both a big Uni, and a community college. Although I wish I was for 3D.

Have a good time. Maya is a great app, XSI I hear good things about. Keep that Ace up your sleeve with the (LW)



Awesome man!!! Congrats! :buttrock:

I can feel your excitement man, I’m still waiting on finding out whether or not I’m going to be accepted to my dream school, but I talked to admissions today and they said I had a very good chance.

Good luck!



Ill be sure to ask you questions, like which professor is the best to take? I really like the ones that push you hard. You learn so much more.

@ AndrewE

No probelm, I am glad I could help.


I am excited to learn some new 3d programs. But I love modelling in LW. I am getting pretty quick at it. I dont feel hindered by what I dont know anymore. Hopefully what I learned in it will carry on over to the other apps.

The students are telling me that maya is difficult to learn and xsi is much more intuitive and faster to pick up.


Where did you apply for school? I hope you get in. It is really exciting once it happens. I am still a little giddy about it! Today I was driiving around to find a photolab to prcesses my film and I drove right past the Nvidia Headquarters. I was like… wow… I have seen pictures of that:)


Originally posted by oxyg3n
The students are telling me that maya is difficult to learn and xsi is much more intuitive and faster to pick up.

Coming from a program like LightWave (that is comparatively quite simple in terms of actual program usage), you will probably feel slightly more at ease with XSI initially than Maya. Maya feels completely different to LightWave and has quite a steep learning curve. If you want to get a head start on using Maya, I would highly recommend Gnomon Workshops Intro to Maya DVD. It’s a great primer to learning Maya.

I personally think that XSI does feel strangely similar to LightWave in some ways, especially in terms of it’s intuitive workflow.

However, both programs are fabulous, and you’ll no doubt have loads of fun learning them. And there is no reason why you cannot continue to use LightWave once you know them. As I always say, the more tools you have at your disposal, the better! :smiley: