Excavator, Robert Burke (3D)


Title: Excavator
Name: Robert Burke
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Blender, GIMP

This is a project I have been working on to help learn mechanical rigging in Blender. The model can be fully animated with the hoses and hydraulics automated to the movement of the arms.

Modelled and rendered in Blender, with a little post pro in Blenders compositor and Gimp.


Nice Details in modeling.
you miss textures and shaders.
I mean it looks like a toy. :slight_smile:


Great model! I think it need a lot of texturing and shading work though, and there is some noise in your render. Especially in the shadows.


a 4 * work,

i saw your video/s on your site & vimeo… great animations :).Maybe you should try a short video with the excavator at work heh :stuck_out_tongue:


Model is fantastic but I’d love to see it with some good texture work. Even just some dirt would be nice.


I read the WIP for this at blenderartist.org. The model is actually fantastic, but you can’t tell due to the render.
Work on the lighting, post pro and re-renderer it. PLEASE re-render it. It has the potential to be excellent, but the render is letting you down.


Good job…The textures could have been improved…Anyway nicely done.


Thanks for the positive comments on the modelling. I was going for a fresh off the production line, showroom look for this, which is why its a nice clean machine.

Nice Details in modeling.
you miss textures and shaders.
I mean it looks like a toy.

sharisabhi: I am at an early stage of learning materials in Blender; as I am going for a clean looking model what could be done to improve the shaders? I am open to any pointers you can give in this direction.


Your studio lighting setup needs tweaking. The renders are too dark, the glass looks like hazy plastic, and the yellow paint looks like it is glowing.


I think a different background could really help your image too. Plain color is fine, but your model is primarily yellow, gray and black, so it blends right into the gray background. Maybe just try a few different background colors and see what works for you. Just a thought.


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