ex-nihilo head



I finished my head sculpting test. I didn’t spend the time to do the hair. I hope you like it.


Sincerely, xn


Thank you.


this is just beautiful.

i love your work, very nice.


Excellent work!

This is truely a testament to blenders ability as a tool for professional artists.


Impressive. Especially the eyes. That is the most intense, alive, 3D gaze I have seen.


Hi Scott,

freaking good work! Congratulations. I think you should post this work in CGtalk finished works.


Great work :thumbsup:


Thank you very much with your work now I know wiht Blender I’ll continue to study human anatomy.
Sorry my English is basic.


Offering this file is a great service, at least for our private education.

Sorry if I’m asking a rude question, but what might be the license on the model-- public domain, CC-by-2.5, all rights reserved?



Keep up the great work!


P.D. Thanks a lot for the file.


it is very great. Wow…How long did you make it?


Blender is getting better and better. :slight_smile:


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