Evolution - Teyon's Concepts.


I’m going to be posting my concepts for you all to play with. There’ll be a wide range of characters some toon and some not. I’ll try and get some orthos up over the weekend but for now, it’ll just be the initial ideas.

May as well start with some stuff I don’t have to scan in…These two are ideas I had started in 3D but never had the time to finish. Now it’s your turn. :slight_smile:

Lucky - The hopless romantic and total geek. He’d be a real ladies man if he could ever figure out how the guys in “Weird Science” made one.

Little Purple Dude - he’s lost and can’t find his way.


Timmy. The school bully and roughneck. Thinks he’s a lot funnier than he really is.

Pinky and Rex. Rex is a little boy who, when angry or excited, turns into Pinky, a strange cat like thingie. :slight_smile:


coool cocepts! I like the one eyed monster the best, though not very original. :slight_smile: good work.


Thanks. Yeah, I know…I was in a Jade Cocoon Mood.

Zeena - Also Known As Death in High Heels and Tight Pants. Please ignore her foot wear. At the time I couldn’t decide what to go with.


Earl - The Evil Genius who’s so smart he’s stupid.


The Black Mage - Just a magic wielder with too much time on his hands. Strike a pose dude!


Just a beastie…maybe what the purple dude grows up into.


An Alien


Jackal Warrior.

That’s it for now. Let me know if any of them craves to be made and I’ll try to toss up a turn around or two.


Okay, I lied. Two more and that’s it for now…


Please ignore that gun…it’s just…it’s just wrong is what it is, really. :cry:


:smiley: those are so cool, I like the Earl Bird and the alien much! The last two are very well drawn too.


Great stuff Teyon,

My pics are the black mage and the last guy you posted with the mace. I think it would be sweet if the black mage was modeled along with his magic in his hand that would look cool when made into a sculpture if done right.

So do you have any orthos of either one of those. Thanks.



Thanks gang! I’ll draw some up tonight. I have a 3 Day weekend, so I’ll be able to do orthos of most of these characters.


Awesome, I cant wait to see the orthos and hopefully i will be able to join and do some modeling. Peace



Ooops some how it double posted, my bad.



I didn’t get to draw anything last night, got home and was so pooped I just went to sleep. I’m up now though and ready to start the orthos and add a few more concepts for you all too. So, would you want just regular orthos or should I create orhtos of the poses they are in?


I decided to make the scales on his skirt thingie more prominent so it would show up when milled but if you want to leave them out, that’s okay. Also, if you want to change the buttons to buckles, that’s fine too.

I’ll be back with a front shot in a bit and some detailing of the mace.


Just an idea for an alien head. You can make a bust out of it.



woah…those are big. Should I like…link out to them?