"Evolution: HotDog"


Hello everyone, I posted this a few weeks back but it looks like it got lost in the servercrash, I didn’t notice before… So, here it is again…

as I said in the previous post that got deleted, I’m not sure I will have time to draw alot of “helpdraws”… Just no time right now. But anyone who wants to model it for this challenge is welcome to!


Woah. You work with Fellah? That guy is amaaaaazing.

Your pic is pretty funny too. I hope someone picks it up.


haha thanks Mechis, but I’m not as amazing as Tot himself! :wink:

I’ve actually already started working on this a while back when he first posted it. but I couldn’t post because Tot never visit cgtalk anymore and didn’t notice his thread was gone, so I had to force him to post again! pfff, french patriot!! :smiley:

I would love to see someone else pick it up to though. would be fun to work from the same concept alongside someone else, I’m sure it would be helpfull for all.
I’ll see if I can get something up tonight…


OMG … Totich and Fellah … LEAVE… NOW :rolleyes:

No more chances to win this challenge :scream:


I’d love to try modelling this… but i doubt i’ll have enough time before the deadline. I could probably get only the doggie done…:wink:


here’s a shoot at the dog in 3d.
Click for image
still a few things to do.
need to add the nails and work more inside the mouth for the extreme expression later on. maybe add a little more definitions here and there. I’m also thinking about reducing the size of his body a lil bit to, will try to and see how it looks.
c&c welcome :wip:


:beer: not much to crit, only waiting for the rest of the scene :slight_smile:


great work fella, one crit though, the nose does not look right i think, it looks like he is balancing that bit on top off his nose, instead on the 2D it appears to be that that part is actually the nose, might i suggestthat the bridge of the nose rises and joins that end section, but retains its colour

just a thought, awesome stuff though:applause:


like this



Totitch and Fellah! Oh no!


…I’m scared…hold me. :cry:

Great work gang.


thank you all! especially you jayreef for taking some of your time to make that draw. I tried to fix what I thought you meant in the update below.



thats it fella, exactly what i meant:bowdown:


Hey fellah,
What kind of render/lighting setup are you using to get your render to look like that? Awesome work!


great work fellah, ammm… i do have some suggestions for the model (i know ur not done and all):

from what i see the dog is a devil, or shell i say one heck of a horny bastard (i can say bastard right?), the model does look like that and had the devilish expression but i think u should create the eyebrows place or whatever it is called, (it is on the drawing- the brow), one eyebrow rising. anyway im not sure really but i think it will add to the ‘devilish’ expression. if it doesnt and im wrong, well only embarrasing myself ^^.

i also recommend that the darker part of the tail (the tip of it) will be bigger.

well thats my tips, didnt really know if to reply or not but hey i did it :beer:

anyway awsome model man


Great stuff Bastardodelido! :wink:

I like the dog a lot! but where is the naked girl!!?!!?
Arf Arf!!! :drool: :smiley:


thanks, I’m glad. I really think it’s alot better with the nose like this.

it’s a very simple setup. it’s a white sphere with luminosty set to 115%, 2 bounce radiosity(2x6), and a little kicklight(area 60%) tinted a bit to blue. and some color-adjustments in PS.

you are right. I will tweak the expression more. I resized the end of the tail a little to. you can see it on the update below, might be hard to see it well though, sorry… I’ll upload more views as I go along.


here’s the update:

just trying to attach the dog to the bath. no rigging, I model him like this, as it’s just supposed to be for this still, ATM atleast.
the bubbles are temp. the expression still needs some asymmetry and tweaks. I’ll add the things around the legs of the bath to.
anything else you can comment on would be appreciated.


hahaha, thats looking great man. thats gonna be some speed modeling to get that chickie out in time, hope ya can do it man. lord knows how work can interfear.


totally impressed with the way its all going, I can start to see why everyone seemed to have gulped, and run for the hills when you entered the comp,

awesome stuff going on here, Lovin it

and really looking forward to seeing the babe:bounce:


hm … I didn´t knew that we can do more than one character for the sculpture :shrug:

Well … congrats for winning entry. I know everybody will vote for fellah :stuck_out_tongue:


Originally posted by Grugi
[B]hm … I didn´t knew that we can do more than one character for the sculpture :shrug:

Well … congrats for winning entry. I know everybody will vote for fellah :stuck_out_tongue: [/B]

not sure about that my friend, go and check out the stuff on EBkens thread, there is some amazing stuff all over, but I tend to agree, this could be in the top 3