Evocative Figure / Landscape - ANY MEDIUM


Here is a way to get inspiration. Make this painting an experiment. Go in with a totaly different approach. Build everything up with masses then ad details with no (or very little) linework. Consider it an adventure…

  Try  steps like these:

1)start with a dead colour (50% gray tonal value) can be brown,sienna, burnt umber, or gray, gray blue (for a cooler pallete), gray gerren, gray red…you get the idea.
2)using a 80% gray tonal value create an envelope with several sub envelopes, to establish basic form and structure. You can use minimal line here!
3) build up all your dark areas by moving about the painting and massing in your darkest areas to create form.
4)then add your lighter medium grays and large light areas. blend where you need too…
5)go ahead and move about the painting some more (do not concentrate in one area) and establsih medium details…rework any areas that have become too muddy.
6)checking your lights and darks, tighten your masses some more…
7) go ahead and add details.

I think you should give this method a try. find inspiration in the process and use your allready posted landscape as reference…
hope this helps…


p.s. i will post a pdf on my website and show you how a famous contemporary realist (david a leffel) uses this approach with great success. give me about 1 hour.


gunilla: 7 working days (about 8-10 hours a day).

when the painting is big I can move around pretty fast, when things get samll is when I have lots of trouble and it takes me way too long. a simialr painting only… say 12"x24" would take me weeks and weeks!



I’ve been watching your threads, and it’s very useful. So here’s my little participation.
I did it a while ago, it’s an experimentation that must have taken me a couple of hours, maybe more ; it’s fully digital, and my process was : 1/ B&W lineart alone, using ref only for the positions 2/ experimenting some colors.




great emotion! they feel so trapped!
any particular story behind this?


Thanx, stipick, your mural painting is very nice : post more !

There’s a whole story behing, supposed to become a comic one day … on this particular scene, i wanted to express the transe of a dancing woman. It’s still unfinished, that’s why there’s so much empty space at the top left (2 positions are missing…)


Title: “Freedom As Illusion”
Medium: Oil on Masonite
Time Completed: 8 hours

I started this as an anatomy study, I didn’t intend for it to be a finished piece, let alone an angel, but somewhere in the process I decided to add wings. People who’ve viewed the painting have had a variety of assumptions and interpretations of it despite the descriptive title - from a metaphor about slavery to a depiction of a fallen angel.


Title: “Phoolan Devi: Bandit Queen”
Medium: Oil on Masonite
Time Completed: 10 hours?

Phoolan was known as a infamous bandit, but she was actually a freedom fighter and defender of raped and abused women and the poor in India. She was murdered in 2001 after many previous assasination attempts. I painted this as part of an ongoing project, a collection of biographies of female warriors.



Thanks! Happy to see your post! This is looking really beautiful so far…I love medical illustration ~ so it would be great if you could post a link to your final project here! :thumbsup: Are you doing the animation for personal or professional purposes? Either way, should turn out very cool! Look forward to your participation in the OFDWs! :slight_smile:

Also, I love the idea of the interior of the body as a ‘landscape’. This is perfect! :slight_smile:


Great advice! :thumbsup:


Great, thank you for joining us! :slight_smile: I really like this piece so far, and it will be cool to see the finished piece! Bear in mind that we are housed within WIP here, so you are free to post your progress as you go! I think this piece could be pushed a lot further and could come out just looking really cool! Looking forward to your updates. :slight_smile:

Great to see new work here! :bounce:




Ah, finally saw your post! Cool work! I think you might also be interested in some of the fantastic work that has been posted here:[b]


[/b]Check it out when you get the chance! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Ooh, I like the second piece even better! It’s great to see traditional work here! :thumbsup:



I just saw your comment. Thank you, will definately check it out.

Arctis, I’ve seen your work over at CA, you have incredible depth :wink:


another one for the road ; a comic’s cover project : the empty space on the left is suppose to receive names of the authors, name of publisher etc…
It’s full digital too, and I spent probably 3/4 days on it. No ref used for this one. I’m ok to post a process… if I find one !

Segvoia : thanx ! Your work is very good looking, I’d really like to see it bigger. Congrats for the choice of your subject about female warriors : at last an artist that feel concerned by the social problems of his time, and not only painting for entertainement !



Oh, way, way cool!!! I love this piece…how the surface texture is like that of an egg, that is just really sweet…a comic??! What is the comic about? :slight_smile:

Awesome website, too! :thumbsup:



A couple of digital collage pieces which I created in Photoshop a few years ago…these are on my website…



And here is a SUPER old piece which I’m embarrassed to show, but figure if I don’t now, I ne’er will, so here goes:

[left]1. Originally an oil painting on wood which got Photo’shopped.
2. Originally a watercolor which got Photo’shopped.


I am curious rebecak. Despite your strong figurative/realist background, the school you went to and who you studied under, you really seem to go in a much different direction than one would think. What motivates this approach? I have browsed your website a couple of times and you display mainly as you call it “evocative” art. I am curious as to what or who do you owe this unique approach to?


p.s. I hope this did not come off as being rude or mean. I am trully interested and could not put it anyother way. In a nut shell, read this with a happy tone!!



Lol, it’s true I’m a funny horse…in truth, I never set out to become an Illustrator, and frankly never had that as a goal when I was an Illustration major at ACCD…I basically always wanted to be a “fine artist” gasp and had to go to a commercial art school because it was the only bastion of traditional skills which I could find…suffice it to say that while I love Illustration and Illustrators (I have a profound respect for those who can do it well), I do not consider myself an Illustrator as such…I’m kind of in a hybrid state because I’m neither a full-fledged “fine artist” nor a full-fledged “Illustrator”, so I basically just do what the heck I want and call it a day. :wink:

Also, after school, I really didn’t feel that I could draw very well, and so I kind of attacked doing Master copies with a vengeance…having not gone to an atelier type of school where you copy from busts and such, all I had to go on during my art school days were model sessions and books…so I felt that I had lacked that super~solid basis of learning in the way the Old Masters had…it’s not easy (or cheap) to get that kind of training these days…

Didn’t take offense to what you said at all :slight_smile: ~ what I would really like to consider myself as is a “draughtsman”. My main passion is drawing, and while I would like to be a full~on practicing traditional artist painting figurative work in oils, it’s just not in the cards right now…plus, I really would like to study more 3D stuff eventually should time and opportunity permit, so at times I feel a bit schizophrenic, as I’m sure most visual people do these days, lol! :slight_smile:

 Thanks for asking. :)


#1 Mrs Spirit Dreamer and myself watching one of the beautiful sunsets across from our house while sitting on steps along sea wall that lead down to the beach that overlooks Boston harbor. Done in Painter about two hours.

#2 Title: Oil Spill and the Weeping Tree of Life. Just my personal thought of how all the cars and people driving them and the oil industry are screwing up the planet and all the life on it.
Pen and ink drawing modified with Painter. Time 6 hours.

Great idea for a tutorial Rebecca

Take care


Spirit Dreamer,

I really like the sunset! Thank you for posting these! :slight_smile:



Rebeccak -> wahouw for the Green Hiway…I like this one… it permit to imagine a lot of thing… and it’s very peaceful… :slight_smile:
…and very beautiful digital collage pieces of family memories, in particular the second one.

stipick_S -> impressive work… that points out to me the time when I painted frescos on wood, with house too :scream: hahahaha.
But never also large, cheer Mister.

Pushav -> hahaha…:thumbsup: I hope that you will finish it soon… :smiley:

Jan-Mark -> for me it’s an aurora borealis, hardly disturbed by an electromagnetic perturbation.
A point of poetry interfered technicality, as the world that we have in our minds, and which one would like real.

Gunilla -> Thanks to point me to this other good thread (of Rebeccak…)… As you know… I love this animation… and for sure, this view… interior of the human body, but that perhaps many other things, but the most important, it’s that makes good in our eyes, therefore at our heads.
Then, maybe a galactic road with thousands of aliens which go on holidays. :bounce:

Arctis -> I’ve just put my eyes on your website this morning… much impressive things…
“PAGEchant2b.jpg” (not an another name ?) is a really strong image… and very sensitive… I hope that it’s not you who suffers like them. Fortunately, there’s “oon” to take rest.

Segvoia -> Your art seem really great… I just want to see these 2 fabulous pictures in bigger size if it’s possible… thanks and congratulations :thumbsup:


Now my participation… I’m actually at work and I can’t find a personal work for this thread… but the post of Gunilla make me think to certain professional realisations wich can participate here…

This picture is also extracted from an animation. A camera penetrates inside a human ear, to the cochlea.

At this precise moment, the camera crosses the tympanum, and we sees the ossicles and the cochlea…

…bu if you see another things, I will be curious to know really what :bounce:



Very cool work! As I mentioned, I am a fan of medical illustration, both 2D and 3D, so it will be cool to see more work in this vein (haha, vein) :slight_smile: ~ and definitely post your other work as well! :slight_smile:

To me, this looks like some kind of aquatic creature…that’s what I love about subjective work…you can just see whatever it is you wish.

Thanks for posting! :slight_smile: