Evocative Figure / Landscape - ANY MEDIUM



This thread is dedicated to the study of EVOCATIVE FIGURE & LANDSCAPE in 2D / 3D TRADITIONAL AND DIGITAL MEDIA.

Please post your best EVOCATIVE FIGURE & LANDSCAPE pieces here!

What is an evocative figure or landscape or figure in landscape? It’s up to you to interpret. What I would like to see here are drawings / paintings / 3D work / sculpture which goes beyond the merely representational, and tries to express something emotional ~ what’s beyond the seen.

[b][u]Please post:

[/u][/b]1. Your BEST WORK!
2. Medium used
3. Time spent to complete
4. A bit about your process

Thanks in advance for your posts! :slight_smile:




[left]Oil and acrylic on board, tweaked in Photoshop...


[left]Oil on illustration board, tweaked in Photoshop.



[left]Oil on canvas, tweaked in Photoshop.



[left]Oil and acrylic on Illustration board, tweaked in Photoshop.



[left]Acrylic on Illustration board, tweaked in Photoshop.



Here is my first major work posted on cgtalk…gulp!!

I would say give me your crits. but this peice is done and I am not going back to it ever again, so you might be wasting your time.

medium: house paint on canvas (5 colors= white, black, a red, a blue and a yellow)
size: 16’ high x 36’ wide

and here is myself, so you can get a sense of scale. I stand 6’2".


[b]AWESOME!!! :thumbsup: :bounce::slight_smile: :buttrock::applause:

[/b]This is really amazing!!! It’s great to see your first post! Congrats, Shaun!!! :applause:



I’m blushing!!!



Shaun / Stipick,

Aw, shucks! :slight_smile:

Do you do many murals like these for commission? Any more pics you can share? This is super cool! I have a good friend who does street painting (not the same thing except for size) and her work is fantastic! It’s really cool to see work as large as this ~ I don’t know if I could do that, so it’s always impressed me to see folks who could. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to more major posts! :slight_smile:



I wish I could make a living painting large. There is a great city mural program here in philadelphia, I just have not been able to break in.
this actually wasn’t a mural, just a painting. No money was made from this bad boy, hence the house paint… it was cheap. Although I will admit that I did not pay for the supplies.

I liked this piece when it was done, but now that i search through the archives and I am a bit older I can see major problems, especially in the area of lighting. Areas that should be are not and vice versa. There are some other things too, but it was fun and worth the invested time.

Funny thing is this was the last major piece I did before I gave up and put down the pencils and paint brushes for a couple of years. I had allways wanted to be a figure painter/illustrator and never recieved any formal painting or anatomy classes (despite my requests), yet I went to an art school. This painting was the beast that brought me down…mainly becuase I couldn’t get it good enough.

ohh and you can call me shaun…



Lol, I get so used to calling people by their user names that it’s hard for me to use their real names, how funny is that? :slight_smile: I can’t even bear to just write “Rebecca” but have to sign “Rebeccak” or I just feel downright odd ~ go figure!!! :scream:

Anyhoo, it is great to see your work and I hope that we will see more. It’s tough to hide a mural measured in feet, lol! :slight_smile:

~Rebeccak…can’t help it! :slight_smile:



rebeccak this is stipick_s signing out!


Did you just say house paint? Lol niiiiice. I never really thought about using house paint on canvas but I show my mother do it before. Nice job!

I shall give this tread a try also!


Just finished it

painter and wacom about 5-15min i forgot but it is close

Try to enjoy it.



Aw, c’mon pushav, we know you can do better than that! Define for yourself what makes a piece ‘evocative’ ~ how can you provoke an emotional response in someone else…it’s ok that this is a WIP, but try to invest something of yourself in this piece ~ we know there’s a lot of ‘self’ there, lol! :slight_smile:

Don’t let us down, pushav! :wink: In two posts or less, get this piece to the point where it is something you are proud of…we know you can do it…



Hey nice idea Rebecca!

Always something interesting in these subjective topics! :slight_smile:

I did some colour experiments a while back. They were meant to do something to the viewer without literally representing a recognisable shape, and I think people just see their own things in them. But you tell me ofcourse ;).

I called this one the Styxx.


I am really bad at painting without lineart. I guess I will need the lines to helpme. Today was a terrible art day for me. I am lacking in the inspiration department right now.
I am bad at evoking responses or emotions in my art work. This is probably why I lean towards narrative art themes.

I am falling off.
lol not motivated right now. Probably I can do something good around Labor Day.:shrug:

Man I suck at this type of art.:bounce:



Despite my emphasis on VALUE in other threads, I am just a huge fan of color, and I love to do color experiments as well just for their own sake, lol! Tho it’s also not kosher, I am a huge fan of blurring and abstract digital color field stuff a la Mark Rothko, but it’s a bit easy for me to just wander off somewhere doing these experiments and never really get anywhere, lol! I am going to try to develop some of the stuff I posted here, as most of it is years old and needs a digital dusting ~ lol, we’ll see what happens! :slight_smile: Cool to see your stuff, post more! :slight_smile:



Great idea with a thread like this!

rebbecak - some really nice paintings. I especially like the first one, with the back - lovely colors!

Shaun - Now, that’s really impressive! How long did it take for you to complete it?

pushav - cute. lovely colors. Keep going and it will be great :slight_smile:

J-M - nice colors, looks a bit like velvet to me. And there is a figure in the middle … cool.

So, this is my contribution for evocative landscape - a still from my ongoing inbody animation project. Made with 3Dmax/mental ray. Perhaps it’s a bit off topic but at least it got me started in posting here…

Rebeccak - I really like this new section of CGtalk - very inspirational. Hope to get some time to join in the workshops later. Thanks for your efforts :thumbsup: