EVIL WITCH, Sven Geruschkat (3D)


top row work 5*


top bad character coooooooooool render :applause:


Really good textures and render!!! It´s already in my reference folder :applause:


Brilliant. That’s one scary looking witch.

Just one thing, and this being very very picky. The drops of water on the apple don’t convince me. They look to perfect. That’s my humble opinion. Everything else ROCKS big time!!



This is def. front page material bro!
You did a phenomenal job!


Awesome work! 5 stars from me. Cool details and materials on skin and cloth. Good job!


Absolutely phenomenal work! I love the posing and detail :slight_smile: 5*


Magnificent realisation of the original witch. I love the fact you’ve done so much detailed 3d work on it, yet it still retains the Disney character feel.

Plugged. :slight_smile:


I’ll never know why Snow White was temped by this one.

Run Snow! Fantastic work.


Absolutely amazing ! Well deserved front page !


Hello Svenger

Great Render… excellent modeling …and a cool concept as well…




Haha! Great image & render Sven (maybe enhance SSS on fingerrnails some :wink: )

Is this her brother in arms mebbe?





If this isn’t going on the front cover of the box that Mudbox ships in, it bloody well should be.



WOW amazing detail and good image

buhat aalalalalal, done a good job


nice work I love it, I just don’t want meet that witch


Great work.


the details are GOD … Awesome work n evilness along with the temptation of fruit is ultimate…as both play side by side


WAAAy too many wrinkles.


:bowdown:Excellent render:bowdown:
How much time did it take to render?


wohaaa sexy lady XD

grate work x5