Evil Head Tutorial


Hi, a long time ago I found a tutorial for lightwave 6 on making a head. It was really good and even though I have 3D Studio Max I could just improvise. I think it was called evil head tutorial on a website called evil (something). I found the web address but when I went to it, the site was down. Does anyone have a link to it or a download somewhere? If you have it on your computer, could you please post it here? Thank you. :slight_smile:


yer looking for Todd’ Grimes’ tutorial…

his site was http://www.evil-plan.com
i think he makes videos now. For sale.

Im not sure if Larry Schultz has online tutorials but his profile loops method (edge-loops) is very good also. I do a combination of them both though depending on the complexity of ze model.

Hope this helps?




Does that mean that there is no way to get the tutorial anymore? I couldn’t find it tutorial on that site. I remember that tutorial and would really like to try it again. Thanks anyway.


yep, WillJohn is right . . .Todd Grimes used to have that tutorial on his Evil-Plan website, but took it down when he started doing his DVD training series, which, I believe contains pretty much the same tut…

You can check out his training tapes at Desktopimages

Basically, and I mean really basic, he models in a point to point method. You can find other free head tutorials that are pretty much along the same lines . . .


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