evil female character.


*** Last update ***


Here is a new character I currently working on.

An evil female character, unamed at this point.

For the moment, she like a “woman in kit”, but she will be assembled at the end.

The character will be shown completly and totally nude, but not in a sexy or “men magazine” attitude.

And a early shader test :

(texture is not done, it’s just a test )


3ds max

mental ray


and the great unwarping tool unfold3d.


Whaa, that head has already a lot of character. Great job.

The palm seems a bit “lumpy” imho.
I won’t comment the shading since you said it’s a test :slight_smile:

keep posting, I’m watching this closely.


Nice work so far. Some crits on shaded version: the cheek bone looks a bit odd, smoothing the base mesh or collapsing some loops there should fix that. The ear looks a bit flat. Looking forwaed for updates…


I can’t imagine where to begin with this, the details are soo horror to watch ! :twisted:
My CPU shrieks “eeeeeeeeek” when I load up the thread :scream:.

How much poly that you predict to end up with ? And yup the details are really good.:thumbsup:

Lookin at the temporary texture, I’m guessing you’ll be using bitmaps ? maybe with a little touch up of SSS ?



I’m going to watch this one, it looks good. Cool horns, and I love the texture test! What apps are you using?


yep that’s pretty evil looking. nice model, its really clean.


Ok, i think i will follow your work :wink:


super boulot sur le modeling, j’aime bien aussi la recherche sur le shading, la couleur n’est pas courante, cela change du rouge ou du vert, bon suitage !


…inspiring…wow…trying not to sound like a complete idiot but…wow


Wow. This is incredible so far. Keep working on those textures…you’ve got a great start around the lips, they’ve got tons of character now. Same with the eyes. I’d like to see that detail brought to the rest of the face. Keep going, you’re off to a great start!


amazing work…
perfect modeling n texture.
is this fully 3D max modeling?:eek: :applause:



IMO, she’ll need a noticeably muscular neck (not like a footballer, but toned) and upper shoulders, because shes supporting all that extra bone.
its a little hard to tell if you are, indeed, heading in that direction, but id keep it in mind.
:buttrock: top stuff, shes got lots of character and its looking original enough for my tastes


nice! thats going really good, that test is starting to show where you´re going. can you show some concept stuff?



ptin ca commence deja à faire peur ! ! !
le fillaire est comme d’hab magnifique, la mains , pfffff mm pas la peine! !
j’aime beaucoup la texture ,en part , le traitement jaune sous les yeux , qui fait un peut comme si ton sujet etait victime d’une leger infection , bleurg ! !! tres bon travail que je suivrait avec attention

bonne continuation pour la suite et comme d’hab , gros big up pour l’ensemble de t creations ! !


Nice modelling, I most like your skin shading.
Could you post here your secret please? :slight_smile:

Good job so far, keep it up :>


hello texx…nice work so far … i realy like to see the final soon :thumbsup:


you modling without suport… amazing you are my god men !!


Really nice model. She looks cute but scary at the same time. My only crit is her fingers seem to be a bit fat and the top part of her nose (between the eyes) is too wide. I can’t wait for some more updates.


Thanks everyone for all those constructive replies.

A small update, body and position.

  • The position of the “girl” and the composition will look very closer to this.

  • as asked, I will correct hands, ears and the nose bridge.

  • I will principally work from this point of view, so the model will certainly not be completly finalised in a “3d” point of view. (I will finalise only what I need for this picture).

  • I’ve inverted the horns, to offer a better lisibility in the composition (I’ts important to show the edges).

  • For the moment, I don’t add “nudity” to the title of my thread, I think it’s not evocative enough at this point.

Of course, I will do it if needed.


The best hands I’ve seen in a while. Great job!