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Hey there,

Some holiday reading. Like many of us, Evgeni Tomov struggled through industries and countries until he found a place in the right niche. Now he has a chance to gather an Annie Award. Wish him luck.


Great article :slight_smile:
Поздрави на Евгени Томов, с пожелания да покори още по-високи върхове :slight_smile:


Inspiring…thanks for the great article!!!


I really enjoyed the look of the movie - especially the characters:thumbsup: Great job Framestore.


Wonderful work. Great stuff on his website.


Even better than ratatouille :wink:


Nice article, Thanks man.


Interesting life of Mr.Tomovo, this movie got real different style from the 3d movies we get! I really liked the article. This is the level when a person decides where to work next.


Very well done Mr. Tomov :slight_smile:

The film has certainly suceeded in creating beautifully rendered textured and lit characters and envoronments - Great work!

  • I’d sure love to see a book of ‘Despereaux’ still shots (and the ‘making of’) from this production :wink:


very inspiring read. Thanks for posting.


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