Everything beautiful is far away, Marek Denko (3D)


Title: Everything beautiful is far away
Name: Marek Denko
Country: Slovakia
Software: 3ds max, Digital Fusion, Photoshop, VRay

I spent on this one quite a long time. Not that it was too complicated but there were periods of time when I really couldn’t touch it for a several weeks. Some guys thought that I was dead not posting any new works. So here I’m once again.It’s about being far away from family, friends from everything you love and care about. Just an anonymous cold waiting areas of airport gates with strangers all around set to dime mood of cold weather and soft fogy sunset make your unwanted company. I know these days airports are quite modern and fancy
but it’s even more unpersonalised with all those duty free shops and fake Irish pubs and pizza restaurants with fake smile or without it. So take a minute and enjoy it.
Technically it was made in 3dsmax 2009, Rendered in Vray sp1.8a. Excluding the sky it is all completely 3d. Color correction and postproduction playing in fusion and photoshop. Rendered on i7 975 with 12Gb of RAM at 5000×2570px resolution and it took aprox. 15 hours to render at final quality. Dedicated to my beautiful family which I hope will never be far away from me.


Wow. Amazing, Very realistic rendering and lighting.
beauty reflections.



Amazing! your work inspires me. All the detailing, mood and colors are stunning. Also a beautiful story that lies denied.

Your showreel was used in our class to inspire 3d-students.


as always fantastic work :slight_smile:


As always you show hi-end quality in your artworks! One thing I really love is your works have not only high technical level but mood.
This airport reminds me similar soviet union airports I saw in my childhood. In fact, they are not particularly changed now :smiley:

Congrats! Your work is stunnin’ :buttrock:


Front page material!


Truly amazing!, Great technique, many compliments!:applause:


wrealy amazing:thumbsup:


Though there are some repetitions in the dirt on the window, I don t mind.

There is more than the technical side to images like this: It s telling a human story.
In this case it seems to have a lot to do with yourself. Thats okay.

What I like about your work is the color underlining the mood and the composition with the
old couple.

Cool thing and great work!



… and so he did it again! haha!
Congratz Denko! I’m your fan dude!


Amazing work```


I have no words, this is unbelievable both from artistically and technically side!


stunning as usual Marek

…pekne meno robis veru slovensku :slight_smile:


Starkly beautiful.


as always amazing … :thumbsup:


Looking forward to for a long time! Perfect!!!


Amazing as always - love the mood, feeling, look… love everything about it.
Great images takes the viewer on a journey and thats what your images do

Both artistic and technical extremely well done :smiley:



As always top notch work in every way! :bounce: only if there was less Chromatic abberation. any chance of seeing the wires?
congrats on this marvelous piece. i’m your HUGE fan :wink:


Beutiful work, as always!
Can you share some tips about the human figures? They are 3D, right? Made in Max, or Zbrush maybe?


great render
no more words :bounce: