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If this has been done already, by all means delete, but i couldnt find anything similar six pages back so-

Anime fans will no doubt be familiar with the neaon genesis: evangelion series, well its been announced that a motion picture is to be created by none other than Weta Digital.
I know this is certainly a good thing visuals wise, but maybe not for the series?
Will it be accurate to the storyline?
Still only in early stages (concepts and beta CG) but I’m definatley going to see it!! :thumbsup:

what do you think?


The plot is “not completely” accurate, but really, how do you expect to cram all that into a 2 hour film.

I’ve seen some of the concept art and it is very true to the original.



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This was announced aaaaages ago :slight_smile: No need for deletion though… people here are always happy to discuss things over and over again :smiley:


i HOPE they stay true to the origonal series. i cant see them not putting in all the symbolism and christianity in it. leaving them out would make it completely different. dont amricanize, keep it the way its supposed to be! i promised myself i wouldnt get into a rant on americans and their view of this series. but seriously, the concept for this show was incredible. no devout religious persons should see this though, it would infuriate them (although a friend of mine, whos a very serious christian, liked it since humanity suffered the consequences for tampering with gods work…but thats what he interptreted from it). and if americans cant understand the complexity of the psychology and symbolism then mabey they need to stop watching reality shows and sitcoms (brain-dullers). crap im getting into rant mode…

but the robots and alien invaders part in the other forum has me worried. the “heroic” part has me SERIOUSLY worried. shinji was by no means heroic, cowardly is more like it. hell, even pathetic would work. but evas are NOT mechanical (only about, what, 20% machine?) but more organic. jeez, they were made from parts of human DNA! and the alien invaders…well they dubbed them “angels” because they were mysterious astral beings that came with no use of a craft, and just seemed to appear. they were also only appearing near their complex, always heading to the same place: adam. one even got right in front of it, so they knew what they were after: annihilation of humanity. what a more fitting name than “angel”?

but they got a star-team working on this project. i have full confidence they can pull the mvoie off. its just the story/plot and roots with the show that are worrying me.


I am not too sure how much everyone has been paying attention to news regarding the stages the Eva movie is in, but from what Matt Greenfield from ADV has been saying, is that the story will be written in a way where it will focus on a portion of the series with slight adjustments to fit a live action production, and will end with room for sequals. However, the movie overall will be able to sustain itself with a strong story structure, and won’t end like the recent Matrix movies did keeping people hanging for 6 months.

For more info regarding the stages the eva movie is in, visit this site.


I myself am still worried about Evangelion being ruined by this movie, but I guess only time will tell, and perhaps just maybe the voices of a devoted legion of fans.


but i like being held in suspense! :frowning:

you can KEEP the origonal story line and still have a live action. a little tweaking might be needed (YOU CANNOT FIT THE ENTIRE SERIES INTO ONE MOVIE, SO THERE HAS TO BE SEQUALS!) and it would be utterly horrible if they used another plot and story. anything different and it might as well be called a friggin gundam live action (which brings up the question why they havent tried that with all the new CG breakthroughs n stuff). you gotta have all the religion, symbolism, and crazy psychology for it to be evangaleon and you gotta have the angels too.

but they are still in the developing stage so ill give them a break for now. i hope they will listen to the fans for this movie, since the fans are the only ones who (according to my experience) know everything about the series and are the bridge to those who dont know about it.


Dunno about making a live action movie from an anime. Never was a fan of movies that uses scripts from animations. I saw the series and the movies and I liked the series more coz in the movies they had to cram all the 25? episodes into 4 hours. If you didn’t watch the series you couldn’t really follow the story. So how the hell are they going to tell the story in 2 hours? Think they have to make a lot of changes in the script to fit it in.
Are there any concepts, pics etc available? I’m curious about it.

Yeah I hope they’ll listen to the fans and stay true to the original storyline.


they CANT put the whole story in one movie, mabey not even 2. its impossible. they would have to make the movie like those funny 30 second reinactments by bunnies of films this one guy does (id link one but i cant find it…).


Totoro: There is large number of concepts that have been release by ADV that WETA has done. Go here to check it out, http://eva.trivialbeing.net/index.php?c=images

The last major news release by ADV was that they had a list of potential directors, and were going to approach Gainax to approve one of the directors.


my hypothesis. adv is doing this for publicity for the platinum eva series (since this is what the sneak preview is being shown on).

it should be explained that they paid weta to do pre production sketches … not actually contract them to work on the movie. BIG difference.

adv does not have the japanese rights to alot of stuff so it would probably be a US only movie. ADV would have to have some SERIOUS bankroll to hire WETA, which i doubt they will ever generate given that they are a relatively small company and the animes fanbase is primarily in japan.

my guess, it will never happen and its probably better that it doesnt.


Re: AirBorn.

We all know Jerry Bruckhiemer has the Director and producer chair on this one…along with Vin Diesel as Shinji, Kelly Osborne as Auska, Carmen Electra as Rei, Bruce Paine as Gendo, Antonio Bandarras as Kaji, Jane Seymour as Misato, Art Garfunkel as Pen-Pen…

…oh, and Andy Serkis as all the Evas and Angels! :stuck_out_tongue:


and jack black n’ will ferrel get to be the annoying, perverted friends of vin diesel right? RIGHT?!


WOw with that line up, it’s destined to fail :slight_smile:



Cooooolll! :cool:


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