European software prices sucks - time for revolution


Am I the only one that’s pissed off that most software products are priced waay higher in Europe than in the States?

Some examples:
Flash MX
Best price I’ve found in Sweden is about $915 (5400 SEK+VAT)
Macromedia’s american web shop - $399

3d-Studio Max Upgrade (v4 -> v6)
Discreet’s European web shop price - $1790
Discreet’s American web shop price - $910

The real annoying thing is that you can’t order to European countries from the american web sites, so you’re stuck with these insane prices.



nope i think most of us are annoyed, unfortunatly without the software tho we can’t earn, and therefore they seem to charge what they want,

it is another case of rip off, that seems to go un-noticed by the commision of fair trade,


Flash MX
Best price I’ve found in Sweden is about $915 (5400 SEK)
Macromedia’s american web shop - $399

3d-Studio Max Upgrade (v4 -> v6)
Discreet’s European web shop price - $1790
Discreet’s American web shop price - $910

The Discreet difference is $880!!! With that differences I would just buy an airplane ticket and go buy all my stuff in America. If people would start doing that the demand would drop and eventually they’ll change their prices to match America.

Get a 600 dollars airplane ticket go to America buy the $910 Max and the $399 Flash. Stay in a extremely fancy 200 dollars a night hotel. Return the next day and you’ll save $596!!! You are being ripped off!!!


agreed, its the same with everything though…cds/dvd/computergames/3d software. everythings always cheeper in the US :frowning:

to buy 3dsmax6 here in the uk £3200 (inc vat) thats $5,911 (US)

I think one of the mods of cgtalk is somone high up at descreet, perhaps we should get him involved in this thread and find out why its so much?


of course, you could get an american friend to buy these things and post them to you…
just a thought.


I dont think that would work…I belive that discreet would not let you register a US version of 3dsmax in anyother contry other than the US.

Might work with other apps, but im 99% sure that the bigger (more expensive) apps that wouldent work.


I won’t be an OSS troll on this subject, but I do think price disparencies such as these will help the development of open-source competitors such as Blender.

What reasons do they give for the prices? Localization? Tariffs?



for the uk at least i know we have high taxes, VAT is 17.5% so we’d pay that extra, but currently the markup seems about 40% if you take off the tax you’d normally pay for it before adding ours.

so this seems like they just know they can get away with it and aren’t bothered about changing till a government has a go. which our government wont do cause it’s counting its money and rubbing its nose from the battering its taking from the iraq situation,


Imagine us here from Brazil. Whe have to pay 3 times more beacuse of our currency.

$1,00 USD = R$3,04 BRL today


There always seems to be a £:$ correlation (so something that costs $100 in the US will cost £100 in Blighty) on anything remotely technology-related, which is a bit cheeky when you consider the exchange rate.

In my rarely humble opinion, this mark-up completely undermines the otherwise legitimate arguments against software piracy in the UK. It’s always going to be more difficult to convince Mr Record Buyer, Mr Movie Fan, or Mr Gamer that they should voluntarily pay the price asked by Sony, for example, when they know that price is unjustifiably higher than in other territories. That’s not to mention protectionist, anti-free-trade policies on region encoding, which only make matters even worse.


Don’t look at discreet (or any other publisher), look at your government.

  1. VAT, huge markup right there.
  2. I would bet cash money that there is also a tariff or tax on importation.
  3. Look at the insane rate of income tax you get charged. Every support ar sales position now costs them that much more than in their domestic markets.
  4. Look at the price of gasoline in country X. Things move on fuel. be they heads of cabbage, or boxes of software.
  5. because of all the differing countries laws, they ahve to have more sales offices for smaller populations. Which means salaries have to be recovered froma smaller market.

The list goes on and on like that, a lot of them are costs added to you, the others are costs added to discreet that they then pass on to you. And remember, the cost recovery of those income taxes and tariffs… they get VAT added on top.

As a side note, they don’t price gouge because they can. It isn’t some kind of collusion between every software maker. The simple fact is that if they are ALL doing it, there is a reason. If there was collusion, the domestic markets would be jsut as suseptible to price gouging, and it WOULD be going on.

But in the end if product X is cheaper than product Y in the US, then it is probably the same in other countries that ahve both products available. But both are higher than their US prices, because of one or more of the factors above.


What a pile of horseshit, Discreet mark up the price because they can get away with it, it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with any government. There is no law to stop anyone in the UK purchasing software in the US where it is cheaper (or, for that matter, vice versa), but if you try it Discreet will threaten you with all manner of unpleasantness, including withholding or withdrawing support (which includes product activation), on any current or future software purchase, because there is no law against that either. The fact that it could probably be challenged in a civil court is of no consequence to Mr Freelance Artist or Mr Small Studioowner, because his pockets are not nearly deep enough to take on the army of lawyers Autodesk has it’s disposal.

And the same goes for every other company who practice the same protectionism, be it high-end 3D software, CDs/DVDs, videogames, consumer goods, clothing, etc, etc, etc.


Think how us Canucks feel. Four of the major CG apps are headquartered, developed, and produced right here in Canada and they are still mondo expensive thanks to the exchange rate and such. You’d think that we would be able to get these apps a “reasonable” price for being local but nope, no chance. :hmm:


its nothing to do with the exchange rate, its to do with greedy companys,

a $3500 product should not cost $6000 in any country, you’d have to be stupid to believe its cause of transport costs, and tax,

the US pay tax so that $3500 is the US price plus tax,

but in the uk its $6000, so thats the US price, plus uk tax, Plus discreets little pocket lineing 20% rise for “transport” apparently,

Its utter bullcrap and its totally slowing down any anti piracy moves, they are chargeing it because they “can”

simple as that, no one will stop them, therefore they wont stop. IT’s not just discreet tho,

the only software ive seen thats definalty the same price before tax is added for everyone is pixel logics Zbrush. thats nearly $500 and its nearly £300 whioch is about right according to exchange rates.


A couple of years ago Tesco, a big supermarket chain here in Blighty, branched out into branded clothing (amongst many other things). Some bright spark at HQ realised that Levi were charging them so much for jeans at cost that it would be cheaper to fly over to the US, buy all their stock there at retail prices, fly home whilst shipping the new stock across the Atlantic ocean, pay the import duty, and still bash them out significantly cheaper than what the highstreet stores were paying for their own stock.

Obviously, Levi had a hairy fit about this and tried every which way to block it, and in the end, inevitably, it ended up in court. Well, Tesco won, and carried on selling them, which in turn angered Levi’s official UK agents/ distributors, who rightly accused Levi of putting them at an unfair disadvantage, and in the end Levi had to lower their prices across the board (and eat a fair amount of humble pie too, since Tesco had subsquently become Britain’s biggest Levi importer!)

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, Tesco have no plans to begin selling Discreet software.


Personally, I think Blender and Wings are good value for money… :deal:

I have a question for those who are on Discreet’s back - what is the reason you need 3DSMax? Do you really have to have it? The core package for Cinema 4D is only £500 - including VAT if I remember…thats if you only need the basics. RealSoft3D is also considerable. TrueSpace is scrapping the barrel, I know - but it’s still dirt cheap.

It depends what your requirements are.


Discreet have only been mentioned as a relevant example, they are only a small part of a larger issue.


Boone: Incidentally I’ve recently been thinking of jumping to Cinema 4d (since Discreet stubbornly keep their high price), but the problem remains. Even though Cinema is developed in Europe (Germany) it’s still more expensive in Europe:

Cinema 4d- Studio Bundle:
Maxon American Web shop $2595
Maxon German Web shop $3570 (€2999)


“We will stop piracy!!!”, they say…

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