Europa, Soa Lee (3D)


OMG !! great job ! :eek:


Excellent work! :applause:

Keep it up!


Very beautiful picture Soa… and welcome on CgTalk… a real pleasure for me…

I remember well the picture which motivate me a lot in my 3d passion and for Maya… with Moona… So good memories for me… and for that, I must thank you so much…

Best continuation for you, and continue with your incredible creations :thumbsup:



Absolutely wonderful!

I love the soft lighting and cute expression. Beuatiful work, so realistic :slight_smile:


Still what? In college? or drooling?

Anyway, great work Soa :slight_smile: nice to see something new from you! Somehow I prefer the untextured version though, it’s very pure.


That’s incredibly beautiful
No crits at all (not that I could really judge 3D but this is beautiful in anyway).


This is fre@kin fantastic!
I think the ‘ballistics publishing’ company, is waiting for ya with this one!
Great looking model


Nice Work!So lovely picture.
5 Star from me.


This is incredibily beautiful! It is subtle, delicate, well-built, well-lit, it has character and attitude, very artistic and classiccal at the same time. Congratulations, I give it five stars!


w:scream: :scream: :scream: aaaaaaaa! [size=2]Thats fantastic work man!:thumbsup:so lovely lovely lovely character… dont know what to say…
i give you 10 stars out of 5…



…beautyful’n’skillful masterpiece :applause:

(this amazing face expression :thumbsup: )




amazing work from you again! and welcome to cgtalk , nice , very nice:thumbsup:


I dont usually post in 3D forums, but this one really caught my eye. Very beautiful!


Wow, she’s great. Nice work on the eyes and hair. Totally front page worthy.- Jared


amazing piece! No crits, 5 shining stars for you :thumbsup:


I am surprised at the front page. Thank you very very much,all guys! I am sure that your supprt helped the great result along enormously.:smiley:

jjcoolio/ Thanks for your prophecy.I’ll be waiting for your comment every upload time.haha
Lemog/ You remember Moona? what a surprise! I am pleased that motivate you in your great works.Thank you so much!
mv/ Actually,I also like the untextured version by the same token. So I linked that image too.:slight_smile:
kyena/ I have seen your fantastic art works which I love your style and an indefinable air of mystery in your art. Thank you very much.
living_for_cg/ I already received your 10 stars ;)Thank you!!!

It’s lucky to say hello to cgtalk. I deeply appreciate your kindness.


I attach the wire image for Jedi_Juice. Well, the odd neck is best seen through the wireframe shot.


Really perfect work… no more words : )


This is just fantastic. It’s all amazing, but I am especially in love with those lips, and the cloth on the torso. I also like how you incorporated lots of small hints about the story in the datials around the hair, like the Bull-hairpin.

I think Dickma has a good point about the turn of the neck. Even a perfect woman would get a few of those horizontal/diagonal folds in the neck turning her neck that far. But it’s a minor point, in every way that matters, this is just an utterly gorgeous piece. Nice work!



Looks like we crashed your website by all attempting to access it at the same time!

Great work Soa, thanks for posting.

Why is nobody responding to the memory/render error she described? Only one person gave a clue and I don’t think that’s the answer… but I don’t know what it is either. Maybe it’s good to post this on the 3DSMax forums or contact the folks who made that plugin.