Europa, Soa Lee (3D)


Wow…really clean and beautiful. Beautiful eyes. Congratulations!


Nice gesture with plenty of details, well done~


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up from the floor :smiley:



Ah, the legendary Soa Lee… I was drooling at your artwork whilst still at college.

I still am!


What an image - truly beautiful.

This is a woman that men could fall in love with after the shortest glance.

I agree with the comments about the neck twisting.

Fantastic work Soa Lee.






Awesome details and very beautiful work.
5 Stars.



well deserved front page indeed,
I knew it was coming up front! Congrats once more!


so detailed and so beautiful!!


Very nice work. I actually thought it was a 2D painting at first; it kind of has that soft feeling to it, which is pretty cool for 3D.


Thank you Soa for the birthday greeting.

The neck contour should start from the earlobe. I hope you can spend time to work on it for a better image, if you have time.

Anyway, the princess reminds me about the painting, the Birth of Venus.


Absolutely wonderful!! :eek:


As always… wonderful work Soa!
Your 3D remind always incredible 2D paintings that only a blessed hand can done!

Congratulation! You’r great.



wow, man.


Stunning Art, 5 *****
soanala , you always inspire me :slight_smile:


that’s a 5* piece right there, great work. :thumbsup:


Gorgeous!! :drool:

Would like to see the wire as I think it would be very interesting.

Great work as always Soa. :thumbsup:


Very nice render! I like the hair and the stuff she wears in it! :thumbsup:

from me :applause:


That’s awesome, man!!! Truly beautiful!!! Congrats :thumbsup:


This is an amazing piece of work! :applause: