Europa, Soa Lee (3D)


Title: Europa
Name: Soa Lee
Country: Korea (South)
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

This picture was made with 3DS MAX and V-ray. Hair and eyebrows were made with HairFX, for which I experienced lack of memory often when I rendered in a big image. So, to solve the lack of memory, I rendered part by part and then put them together just like putting puzzles together. If by chance you know how to handle the problem, please let me know. (Pleas do not say that I need to reduce the number of hair.T_T)

The woman is Europa, a main actress of the myth for Taurus. I thought she should have an audacious, modern and warm glitter in her eyes, as she was a princess. So, I referenced the image of Scalett Johansson, but it didn’t resemble her after many additions of images that I desired (looking younger, bold etc.)
The gem of Taurus in May is emerald and the flower of the month is romantic rose. As I think she likes the nature, I put a flower coronet on her head. There is the bull-shaped brooch on her chest.


Wow, this is a very beautiful image. Lots of details. Only crit I can think of is maybe her neck looks a little odd, but overall outstanding work. :slight_smile: 5 stars.


absoloutely stunning!! The breasts are particularily impressive, great cloth and shape. also love the details on her headdress.


nice character…but her torso is wonderful, really great the shoulders, breast, dress and jewelry


well done man, i love the style of this its like a blend of anime with real life … 5 stars from me. keep up the great work.


wow very nice;

show the wire frame plz


>So, to solve the lack of memory, I rendered part by part and then put them together just >ike putting puzzles together. If by chance you know how to handle the problem, please let >me know

If you have a 64 bit processor and you switch to win XP 64, max can access 4 GB of memory instead of the 2GB limit under win32. That might help. There’s also a 3gb switch for win32 that you can try. I hear it’s not stable though. Just do a search for 3gb switch on microsoft’s site.


WOWWW :eek:

Holy cow, five star for me… :applause:


Thank you,everyone.
Trigon/I also feel the neck is rather strange,so fixed that in high resolution image.
markdc/Thank you for your opinion about the render problem! It’s very helpful to me.


Nice picture…I am Taurus too.

However, there is a problem about the turning of the neck, the head is faced at the front of the camera, a bit too symmetrical (perfect anyway for a beauty). The neck doesn’t look twisted so it look like the head is being key on.


dickma,you’re right. the twist of neck is not going well. I decided to have to study more about the structure of the human body.:slight_smile: Anyway,Congratulations on the coming birthday! :smiley:


I’m speechless, this is one of those moments where I just sit back and enjoy. WOW! …man, this is definitely front page, just waiting to see it up any time now. The modeling is so refined with a nice palette of colors that goes really well with the theme. And the face design is really appealing, anyways I’ll be waiting for your next piece!


ps: oh but of course! from checking your website I definitely saw your stuff before :thumbsup:


Wow, at first I though I would be looking at a 2D image. Excellent piece of art. You’ve got my 5 stars!


very good pedant work 5*


Yet another masterpiece from Soa Lee!
I could see it coming up front! Can’t wait to see it!
congrats! 5++++


Great work and lots of details! five stars for me! :thumbsup:


5 stars


I love the sharp silkiness of the skin and her lips… Wow… just wow!:scream:


Amazing modelling and render:applause:


Beautiful work! I really like this piece. [plugged]