Eugene_#DrawCember Sketchbook


The llama’s expression is so cute. I also like your taste in Santas :slight_smile:


Thank you csbutt and jsutcallmeinsane. I am really happy how both of those turned out.


DrawCember Day 22: Santa’s Boots


hello, the perspective on that boot is amazing and what is your secret, because that is a weakness I am struggling with. Nice job :slight_smile: and congrats on sticking around til the end!


It is my weakness too. Especially when it comes to people. I fell like I spend a lot more time than I should when it came to a daily sketch just because getting the perspective right could take an hour or more but it is worth the time when it ends up looking good. I definitely need more practice with perspective so that I can get quicker at it. And thank you. It has been a very fun experience.