Eugene_#DrawCember Sketchbook


DrawCember Day 12: Jack Skellington


Your last three images are looking good :slight_smile: The shading and form is nice! I love the Jack Skellington, I think you captured his essence very well :smiley:


Thank you. I am happy with the way he came out.


Your understanding of shade and form is really good. Also like your choice of Christmas movie characters :slight_smile:


Thank you!! The movie was on tv today so after watching that, I ended up wanting to sketch him for today.


Totally forgot to post this on here yesterday. I remembered to post it on instagram but not here lol. Day 13


DrawCember Day 14: North Pole


I can completely understand posting on Instagram and only remembering later that you needed to post here too.
Also really like your North Pole, the top is so shiny given the beating it must get from the weather.


Yea it was weird. I could of sworn I uploaded it. I had uploaded it into the media manager just didn’t post.


A little late but here is Day 15


Drawcember day 16


DrawCember Day 17: Candy Cane


#DrawCember Day 18: Christmas Llama!!


DrawCember day 20


I love the Llama! :smiley:


The Llama has so much expression! I agree with nataliel, the best so far!


I like the design and the snow effect of the snowman.:slight_smile:


Thank you guys. Really happy with how things are coming out :slight_smile:


DrawCember Day 21: Santa from Rise of the Guardians


I love the snowman! Looks sparkly :slight_smile: