ethereal smile in dying sleep, neville dsouza (2D)


Title: ethereal smile in dying sleep
Name: neville dsouza
Country: India
Software: Photoshop

hello everyone! my latest offering to the CGchallenge …
– uplift universe –

it’s about two distinct species … who fall in love with each other, but with a bitter end!
furious with their affair and failing to realise any good about a new, lasting relationship between their species, she is banished by her human kind without hesitation!

to inflict more pain, she is stripped of her clothes, shaved of her hair and finally poisoned…all this, in the hope that her alien lover would be disgusted by her appearance and leave their world forever, never to return back …

but, no … their love was far too strong for such an act …
in his arms, for one final moment, she’s ever grateful for being loved, for completing each other …

into the darkest regions of the heart…
into a dying sleep, she smiles …

many thanks to all the artists who helped take this piece to a new level… my utmost thanks to Jerome (jeromoo), Gerardo (GaeasHerald), Michael (walrus), Axel (AxelAlonso), Torsten (Russel nash), Fernando (Ferx) … for their advice & suggestions!

without their inputs, i wouldn’t have been able to add those extra, subtle details like skin pores and alien texture (Jerome), forehead wrinkles and folds (Micheal), specular focusing and light concentration (Gerado), fixing the head shape in its earlier steps ( Axel & Torsten ) and finally fixing the shades on her shoulders, alien biceps coz it was looking flat (Fernando)

owe it to vivek, my buddy for kicking my butt to finish this entry and to stop whining about it :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

god bless!!

here’s the link to my wip thread …

also, a ‘quick specular effect’ screenshot …

problems i faced;
referring a low res image to create a 3k resolution artwork,
everything was mostly/slightly pixelated, so i had to search for other images for details but still keep in mind about the lighting,shadows & specularity … very tricky :frowning:

– close up shots –

CREDITS go to these sites and images i used for reference :

>> for basic lighting, shadows and characters (only female was used, for the alien male i had to conjure something in reference to other images below in terms of features and texture)

>> for alien texture; tiger shark :stuck_out_tongue:

>> for fins and other features, dolphin

>> finally … the dramatic touch … tear drop

that’s it buddies … it was fun and tough the same time, but well worth it! …

cheers to you all! :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome Neville I was expecting your post to give you , your 5 stars


Congratulations, my Friend - awesome work! 5 stars from me as well :slight_smile:


I would never say that this is a 2d artwork :scream: you rock man you rock!:bowdown: :cool: :scream: :bowdown: you have done a superb job, cheers to u :beer: 5stars :wavey:


Ohh… this is really poetic. 5 Stars :slight_smile:


5***** Great concept and execution. :slight_smile: That teardrop is the winner!

The skin looks like the material used for competitive swimming suits; it looks like a tight covering. The material seems as if there aren’t any sub-dermal reflections. The alien’s arm anatomy also seems kind of strange: the bicep is somewhat short, and the brachioradialis starts a bit early. EDIT: Well he is an alien lol.


Neville that’s art! all the emotion turn to be with out color and yet you see the soul! love the skin texture like I said before and the eye contact as for their great performance of Love! OMG ! hahahha 5 ***** well ok 1 * hahah so thats 6:surprised

Take Care my friend great to see the work! I am sure this is a winner!:wink:


amazing stuff! The peace realy has emotion!5*


Amazing. I love the texture and that color you gave to the entire drawn. The atmosphear that is almost touchable is really well done. And I think it brings a lot of sweetness and deep feeling. It just make me feel I want a hug! hehehe

Nice done.

Gratzzz! ( 5 stars from here )


Really touching piece, awesome concept…


Hi neville!

Nice picture and good emotion!! great work!!:bowdown:



thanks a lot guys! :love:

i hope to make my next work much better than this one :stuck_out_tongue:
great to see you all here!

especially … coolpranz, scala, hornlessunicorn & axelalonso!

cheers people! :beer:


Hey Neville, incredible details and very impressive style! 5 Stars :wip:


Very cool image. I like the airbrushy feeling, works well with the story topic. cheers


Hey Neville,this one is photoshop rendering???:eek: cooollll…nice job like the concept…good luck n why dont you make an tutorial for this one…:thumbsup:


ahmetekn | Bif | naresh …

thanks a lot folks! :stuck_out_tongue: stay tuned for my next artwork! :stuck_out_tongue:

take care!


Nice post man :wink: …long time no see you


xxbinxx | heyy buddy!! yup … it’s been a long time :frowning: … me been really busy these couple of months … work pressure … the challenge … plus constant net disconnections :cry:
hows things on your side? thanks for droppin by dude! :stuck_out_tongue:
god bless!


WOW :thumbsup: Great Job Dude!

I just wished I was the first one to comment on this cause so many people have already said what all I was going to! :banghead:

Anyways, you rock man! I don’t even need to say keep up the good work… cause you always do! :slight_smile:

Hope to see more soon! :drool:


Hi Neville!!! I am late! Congratulations again!!! Loved how your painting beautifully portrayed the emotions. The Uplift challenge was such a wonderful experience, glad I had the chance to follow your progress! :thumbsup: