Eternal Sorrow, Hoang Nguyen (2D)


Title: Eternal Sorrow
Name: Hoang Nguyen
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop

Been working on this on and off for a while now. Started out using Tria markers (that was an exercised in frustration) I then took it into Photoshop and after many iterations, I think I got it. Maybe? let me know what you guys think?

Its about lost love or what could have been, or maybe a love that was never meant to be. Anyway, I wrote a cheesey poem and had it translate into simple Kanji. Here’s what it meant

Eternal Sorrow
Love awaits on the edge of eternity.
Reaching far; forgotten and long lost.
In the distance, beckoning.
Come away, away…
For there loves await; yearning, yearning…

Actually its allot longer than this, but I couldn’t fit it in. For those that need translation (Chinese or Japanese) I recommend my friends, they also sell allot of neat stuff on their site:


niice i love it :thumbsup:


Beautiful combination of texture and delicacy.


Beautiful. Reminds me a lot of the work of French Metal Hurlant artist Mobius.


Really nice work, man. You rock.


great work again!

the quality of the background is very good~
i like it~
4 star form me~~hehe


Thanks for your compliments. I got allot feedbacks about the hands been too big, so I did some adjustment. Also fixed the left thumb, looks a bit odd still. Oh well, I gotta stop going back to old painting and just moved on :slight_smile:


This is nothing short of beautiful. One of the hardest things to capture in art is a feeling and with the way you communicated this image the feeling overwhelms me. Wonderful work!


ohh my god… beauty image man… you have a great technique… congrats


good jobbb!!!
anh oi, dep we,vui phet co tacpham cua nguoi Viet trong nay


Very very nice image man. I’m not sure about the gloves though, which seem at odds with such a delicate looking lady. They make the hands look too big but apart from that… sweet!


Hey Hoang, nice stuff, as always:) btw, congrat on yr art book man! Been to yr site, n it’s nice. Will definitely get one for myself:thumbsup:




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