ET - Platinum Studio



This is my new work in the the Platinum Studios/Brazil, for advertising agency BBDO in Portugal

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BBDO / Portugal
Client GALP Energy
Art director: Gonçalo Santos
Copywriter: Ricardo Carolas
Head of Art: Marco Dias
Creative DIrector: Pedro Bidarra

Platinum Studios / Brasil
3D: Bernardo Barbi, Luciano Honorato
Finishing: Leonardo Vilela, Luciano Honorato
Photo: Leonardo Vilela





Great texturing and modeling job! I think the 3D blends well with the photo. :thumbsup:


Excellent work. Clever optimization. Would love to see face textures.


This is great! Excellent critter! I think he is very well done!


:applause: Awesome work , the textures are excellent so are the shaders


It would have been extremely cool if that would have been a whole, animateable character…

Nevertheless, the image is great, frontpage quality (texturing) stuff!


That is probably the cleanest looking mesh i have ever seen. Very good integration, seemless actually. No crits, perfect…


texturework FODASSO

e a ideia de mesclar com o corpinho fotografado foi otima! Eu jah ia pagar um pau aqui pela textura da roupa! AEUhEAUheuahuah :smiley:



whoa! what a work…
that is amazing… still can’t get enough of it…



Excellent !
I really enjoy you work man!


love the textures!!!



Congrats for your team. Excellent style, clean and well done post FX. Beautiful mesh.
Just bowdown…



I love it !!!
Animation please :slight_smile:


What a cool work! Awesome! I’m falling in love! I like your texture work, too.


Superb texturing!

can u prehaps make a nice wallpaper? :smiley:


Hey, I´ve seen this comercial on the telly!
Coolness :slight_smile:


Quite detailed, looks like a photo from a Star Wars convention and not a render. Great job!