"Essential Blender" Available for Pre-Sale Order


For those of you eager to make sure that you get the Foundation’s next book before the first printing sells out :thumbsup:, it is now available for pre-order at the Blender e-shop. Sure, you could wait until it’s available from Amazon.com or your local big box book seller, but buying directly from the e-shop costs less and helps the Foundation more.

“Essential Blender” will get you working with modeling, materials and texturing, lighting, particle systems, several kinds of animation, and rendering. In addition, there are chapters on the new mesh sculpting tools and the brilliant compositor. For users familiar with other 3D packages, there are separate indices that reference topics using your application’s terminology.

There really is something for everyone in this book: new to 3D, new to Blender, and even for old Blender loyalist from the NaN days.

Blender e-Shop link:


Hi Harkyman,

Yip - thanks for that. Just purchased it.

But be aware for us outside the US of A VAT is added to the price quoted above plus shipping - about €7 for shipping to Ireland. No problems, just informing people of the necessary extra’s.



I have been intrigued by Blender for a while and this looks like a perfect opportunity to start trying it out. Just bought it from the e-shop and can’t wait to get it! I’m very interested in trying out the dynamics and particles.


To me, position of the graphic blender.org is using to notiify everyone about this book, gives the incorrect impression that you can download the book right now. That “Download Now” link is for the Blender program, but the position of it in relation to the book graphic makes it appear otherwise.


Hey, I have a problem, and the sites I need to fix it are blocked while I’m here at work. The other day I purchased the “Essential Blender” from the e-shop I’m in the USA and the price was $34.51 with about $11 for shipping and it finally showed up on my bankstatement. They charged me $61.81!! I’m sure this is just an error on their side that I hope they will be happy to fix.

Have any of you guys had this problem?

It’s driving me nuts here at work because I love blender and I like supporting them through their products, but I quickly develope a dislike towards any company that rips me off, or has to make me have to fix their own errors and I don’t want to feel that way about the Foundation.

(And yes, I realize it’s not going to be out till around may, even though when you order it they say it’ll be delivered in about a week)


I finally got home to check my personal email (by the way why does it take almost a day for my posts to show up?) Apparently they or their website messed up and is sending me the Character Animation book and I missed that fact when I opened the email and went straight for the paypal link, so Its partly my fault. (Thats alright because I was going to buy it down the road anyways) But they sent me an email stating the charge was 53.91 but after I paid through paypal I was charged $61.81. I think there’s a disconnect between the e-shops exchange rate and PayPals.

I guess its just one of those wierd weeks for me (I tried to buy a 500gb external drive from staples this week and when I got home the actual drive was only a 150gb inside of a 500gb case, so I returned it and they put the money back on my card, claiming it could take a day or two to show up even though they can take it out instantly, and three days later I haven’t gotten it back yet AAARRGGGHH)

Well anyways, I’m going to try to buy Blender Essentials again after my next paycheck :slight_smile:


Generally, the e-shop people are quite responsive to problems if you can get in early before anything is shipped. I think if you email them (I think it’s shop(at)blender.org , but check your email confirmation) you could cancel it if you wish.


I did contact them and they were very helpful, but I decided to keep the Character Animation order anyways (I was going to buy it later anyways and didn’t want them to go back and have to hassle with anything since they were nice to me) And hopefully the pre-order discount will be arounf for at least another two weeks, so I can get it on my next paycheck :slight_smile:


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