Espen's Blizzard Art Contest Submission


Hello everybody,

    I finally decided to take part in the Blizzard Art Contest. Better late than never - that's what I thought, and there are two weeks left to finish my [b]WARCRAFT: 3D Character[/b] submission. Playing a Gnome myself in World of Warcraft I decided to create a useful Gnome inventor gadget/character mixture. This is the actual sketch for what I am going to do:
   The Idea behind this sketch is that Gnomes should have the possibility to make their inventions at any time they like. This mobile inventor station is equipped with lots of useful stuff and there is even a telescope attached to its roof. The double headed ogre is controlled via a mind controlling apparatus worn on the gnome's head and transmitted via the two antennas directly into the little brains of the ogre.
    After one day of work in modo I came up with this WIP mesh.
   So stay tuned - there is more to come soon! I am happy about comments/critique - it is most welcome as always. 
   Best Regards


great idea, it’s quite out of the ordinary. my only crit so far would be that the polycount of 3000 for the ogre seems a bit high, given the overall limit of 5000… anyway. looking forward to the full model.


I like the idea,
compared to your sketche, the orcs heads are a bigger.
Are you going to normal maped this model, or are you planning to make a “wow rendering” ?
The 5k tris will be a good challenge for such a “thing”. I dont know whats the politic of Blizzard, if the limit can be outpassed with that type of character.

Good luck ! Day -13


We are waiting for the textured model now :wink:


I demand more images! :slight_smile:

(even if you havent done anything new)


Here comes a little update from todays work.

      [b] weasel.acuh5o:[/b] I am at 4230 tris right now and I guess it will be tough business to crush the ogre and the inventor station on his back below 5000. To realize this AND to model the gnome rider within the given range seems to be completely out of range unless I reduce the quality of the meshes of what I have done so far. I think I will do the ogre as shown here alone with below 5000 and add around 2500 polys to the gnome character - in the end there are two characters in the picture, right? - and the gnome is merely decoration. A difficult decision...
      [b] jocz:[/b] Thank you for c&c! Yes, the heads were to big. I made them smaller. Check it out. I planed to do normal maps for that fellow but I am not that sure anymore...  The texturing style definitely has to be like in World of Warcraft: painted by hand with vivid colors and high contrast. I am not so sure if this works together with normal mapping - but I will make some test in this direction soon.
      [b] Publici:[/b] Well, first things first. I also have to do the UV layout - the part of work I most dislike...
      [b] Oink:[/b] Granted! Here we go...
       c u 


yeah, since it’s just a ‘mount’ it sounds very reasonable to do so. blizzard should have given some more info besides the ‘5000 polygons’, it’s a bit hard to judge what counts towards the count and what is just mere decoration/things for scale etc. good going so far, and I’d really like to see it done without normal maps tbh. everybody seems to be doing some zbrushed model for this contest, it’d be nice to see something that could be thrown into WOW right away.


Ah Espen you roxors my world. Nice stuff. I would’nt do the normal map personally. I think their goal was to see what people could do that fits into their world. If they didnt want it to jive with their tech I doubt they would have had any poly limit etc. Then again its mainly for fun anyways so why not do what you want… wow a new record I waffled in my first reply. Anyways, great start so far, cant wait to see you hit up that texture.



Hello wanderer,
I bring you the latest updates on my Blizzard Art Contest submission. It does not look so different on first sight to the stuff I posted earlier this week, but believe me it is… so be invited to have a second look. Because what I did was: increasing detail level and reducing poly count.

 [b]weasel.acuh5o:[/b] I finally decided about the poly count. I was working hard the last day to crunch the poly count down while modeling more details. I took out a lot of the ogre's polygones especially in the face/head area and with his other accessories to bring the whole scne as you can see it now down to  [b]3992[/b] tris. That gives me around 1000 tris to model the gnome what is a task that might be done. I will start this work today and hopefully tonight the whole ensemble is ready. So the submission will be below 5000 tris in total and there will be nothing to explain what is the best I think. As for the normal map issue I am not decided jet. I think I will start the other way around, doing the color map first and deciding then if it needs more enhancements. Maybe I should put my effort into color map and specular map only to bring the whole style more into the original WoW direction.
 [b]JamusT:[/b] Thanx for the roses. So you also think that I can go without a normal? I am not sure yet, it seems to be such a standard nowadays. 



I think so Espen. Let your textures do the talking… after all thats what blizzard has always been about right? Ultra low poly with great paint. Its not just making the awesome art work I really think they want to see stuff that captures their current specs and follows their IP style. I may be in the minority on that view but Im pretty sure that it’s the way to go.



Nice work Espen! :thumbsup:
I would only notice the way that the ‘inventor station’ hangs from the ogre’s back, In my opinion is hard to make it fit there naturally. Anyway, once the model is posed you can always tweak that, so that’s not really a problem. We want to see it textured now! You can always start with just a difuse and later decide if it’s worthwhile to do a normal and specular map. Go for it! :slight_smile:


Awesome. I like your execution and I hope you will finish this in time. The model definitely reminds me of a mix of OgreMagi & the new character in Dota mod version 6.36 named the Alchemist (pretty much the same conceptual idea).

All right lets see here. Poly’s are too high high. You can easily collapse a lot of the poly’s in the ogre especially the face and still maintain a perfect pallet for some nicely painted textures. The back pack and straps have a lot of unneeded poly’s also, you can make those planes and use alphas for the detail in the back pack, way too many polys in that back pack man (sorry dont mean to repeat myself). Cut that down and you will have the polys needed for the gnome.

Keep going … updates.

Good luck.

-Mind Traveler


this was though. but here comes the little lady. the complete scene is at 4974 triangles right now and I think I will save the remaining 26 polys for means of texturing if I need some cuts here and there. tomorrow I will do the mapping and research reference for the color texture so that I can start painting on friday.

isn’t she cute? post loveletters here…

c u 2morrow


Great work espen. Hope you get it done in time


Right she’s cute! :thumbsup:


This is great! I can deffinitly, and actually really want to see this in WOW, I think it would be a really cool epic mount for engineers. Can’t wait to see the texture applied.


Nice job on the Gnome. I winced when I thought of you doing her in less than 1k. I think 1200 is about the lowest I have gone, and granted it was awhile ago but I recall it being quite an exercise in frustration. heh. Looking good though. You still have enough poly’s to do the chains on his wrists? I really dig that detail in the concept.



Great work. Very original concept and the 3D adaptation is nicely done. Now rock them polys with textures!


Whooo!! The girl is looking sweet. Now that is the blizzard style my friend. Commence wisely with some beautiful textures. This work makes me wanna go ahead and crack out a model for the comp. Good job man.

-Mind Traveler


Love the concept! Looking great so far. I don’t know if this is a dead issue, but I agree with the others on not normal mapping what you have, especially Jamus. You’ve got a great idea here and looks like it could be dropped right into WoW. Can’t wait to see it textured! :thumbsup: