Escher’s Ascending Descending, Alan Taylor (3D)


Title: Escher’s Ascending Descending
Name: Alan Taylor
Country: United Kingdom
Software: LightWave 3D

I’ve always been a fan of Escher’s work and as imitation is the best for of flattery I decided to recreate one of his most famous works. Apart from some overall processing in Phoposhop (size and colour etc.) this is how it was rendered. No hand painted pixels.

C and C’s welcome


Yes !It works ! This is one of the very few working Escher transferations.Very good work :))


I love this scene. I did this in autocad when I was a teenager (nothing close to as good as yours). I feel this scene isn’t finish though, why no textures? Also the building is getting a little too blown out on the roof on the left.
nice job though, its a cool scene.


i love this piece. Very good. A tutorial on this would be awesome but i guess you wont give the magic away.I love the whole scene, very good job on the inperfectness of the roof, i like it.


i love this one!!
i don’t think you need to texture is as it looks like white plastic toy right now and it look cool

great job!!


really nice modelling! it is so fantastic. you did a great job.

I have tried, but it is really difficult to imitate it in 3D world.


Hei man…It’s wonderful. The Idea is great! Why don’t u make textures…Is a great work man…very great!

PS. Can u post a wire or a render from the other side? TKS


So, am I the only confused one? The staircase is supposed to be impossible in the real world… why is it possible in a 3d package? Assuming it wasn’t altered in photoshop, as the artist said…

love the image, by the way.


I guess you forgot to texture the scene man. I’m sure if you texture it, it’ll be better. Try it. :slight_smile:


Some textures would be good. I thing then you can better
see the Persons on the stairs. Ore more contrast.

By the way, interesting work!

sry, bad english


I like it so much. I don’t think it should be textured, this minimalist look is good for me.
I’d like to see more of such works. Do you have some other pictures available for display?

An everclimbing staircase is impossible in reality, but it’s not an everclimbing staircase. You just see it as an everclimbing staircase. It’s a nice example of “what you see is not what you get” :wink:


I am confused too … This is a really great work. But how did you model it?
Could we have a view from another angle ?
I think texture would shift it away from the original from Escher. This looks great.
Just add some noise or similar filter with photoshop and it would look almost exactly like the original “grainy feeling” of Escher.
I am impressed.:bounce:


Terrific image and wonderful tribute. Always enjoy producing Eschers in a 3D environment.


lol! very clever to pull this of in 3d construction–and it looks great without texture :slight_smile:


Looks fantastic, it must have been a real headache to work out!


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