Escher-esque, Myles Gardiner- Cold Fusion Design (3D)


Title: Escher-esque
Name: Myles Gardiner- Cold Fusion Design
Country: United States
Software: LightWave 3D

i feel like a child in the midst of giants posting a picture in this forum… but here goes anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

this is just something i was playing around with in lightwave but the more i fiddled with it, the more i started to like how it looked. it’s nothing fancy, but to me it seems like a 3d rendition of one of MC Escher’s Prints (my favorite artist)

C&C Welcome…


wow this is brillient… the object is really awesome, what i raelly like is how you made it look really heavy… i can really feel the waight of it… and by the way can you pls bless us with some words saying how u did it?.. any technique and wairs…

keep it up, ur already a giant


Yeah that does look cool - nice job! How did you make that?



It wasnt really that difficult really, i took a box, subdividded the heck out of it, twisted it around and array cloned cubes to all the points… then HDRI lighting, and Radiosity turned on, and that’s all there is to it


i love seeing escher things realised in 3D. Even if it isn’t, it looks like it could be!


edit: i’m a dumb double poster bonk


Hey, thanks man, i’m actually in the process of re-creating a number of Eschers Works into 3d… this piece was more an inspiration of his style of art but i think it turned out pretty well… a little dark, but good all the same :stuck_out_tongue:


Great concept, very original.
As a model, i see nothing but coolness.
My crit falls on the coposition, mainly. Specifically the backround. If you’d like to give it more of an MC Escher feel, then consider placing it in a 3d space that has a noticable vanishing point. Esher worked with those constantly. But if you’d like to keep the camera angle, note that Escher’s flat surfaces rarely got away with being evenly lit. Even a white sheet of paper will have some kind of tonal gradient. In fact, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to just make everything in the scene that same graphite color.

These are just some things to think about if you ever plan on working on this piece again.
Hopefully, they’re helpful things.


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