Escena Trucha, Fran Perez (3D)


Title: Escena Trucha
Name: Fran Perez
Country: Espana
Software: CINEMA 4D

Work made in Cinema 4D.

The elements of the scene is very simple:

  • An object sky with 2 materials, in its channels of individual illumination textures, one with an image JPG of a sun putting, and the other with degrading to circulate.
  • A flat object for the water.
  • An object landscape for the sand, published and deformed, with a earth texture.
  • Diverse stones.
  • Modeled of a trout and one libélula.
  • It does not take illumination by lights. It only takes 2 lights of stuffed for the trout.
  • It does not take HDRI.
  • Render with radiosidad.

Trabajo realizado en Cinema 4D.

Los elementos de la escena son muy simples:

  • Un objeto cielo con 2 materiales, en sus canales de iluminación sendas texturas, una con una imagen JPG de una puesta de sol, y la otra con un degradado circular.
  • Un objeto plano para el agua.
  • Un objeto paisaje para la arena, editado y deformado, con una textura de tierra.
  • Diversas piedras.
  • Modelado de una trucha y una libélula.
  • No lleva iluminación por luces. Sólo lleva 2 luces de relleno para la trucha.
  • No lleva HDRI.
  • Renderizado con radiosidad.



the fish and the water look excellent- the moment is captured wonderfully, but the sand and the rocks are just not good, the sand and the rocks are clearly just a badly maped texture over a simple object- I would defintly work on material definition of the rocks, and the lack of shadows gives the rocks and the sand a game look rather then the photorealistic look of the fish- imho you would be better to crop the image rather then leaving it like this



water is great. tho its the fish i like the most.
i agree that the rocks and stuff ruins the whole thing a bit.
still, i like it a lot :slight_smile:


Wow! the fish and water are spectacular. In agreeing with the others about the water, i’d like to say that it would probably even look cooler if instead of cropping out the rocks, you just deleted them altogether, but leaving the empty space there. Beautiful work, and I hope to see more!:applause:




To make the modeled one of the trout first I looked for photo intelligence:
Para realizar el modelado de la trucha primero busqué información fotográfica:

Soon I elaborated the texture that was going to serve as base for the skin, fusing several images to me and altering them with Photoshop; for the body I eliminated the fins to do them separately. Also I placed a channel alpha.
Luego elaboré la textura que me iba a servir de base para la piel, fundiendo varias imágenes y retocándolas con Photoshop; para el cuerpo eliminé las aletas para hacerlas por separado. También coloqué un canal alfa.

Modeled the fish:
Se modeló el pez:

Was placed the textures, first flat and soon mapping UVM was assigned to them, so that when it was become deformed the fish did not displace itself:
Se colocaron las texturas, primero planas y luego se les asignó mapeado UVM, para que cuando se deformara el pez no se descolocaran:

Was placed 2 splines, a straight line and another one with the deformation that was going to need for the fish, put a distorting object of spline, obtaining this result:
Se colocaron 2 splines, una recta y otra con la deformación que iba a necesitar para el pez, se puso un objeto deformador de spline, obteniendo este resultado:


For the drops of water empezé placing 4 particle emitters (with a deformed sphere inside).
Para las gotas de agua empezé colocando 4 emisores de partículas (con una esfera deformada dentro).

To the trout was animated (to give it him speed), in photogram 0 it was without deforming, and in the 4 with the deformation spline.
A la trucha se la animó (para darle velocidad), en el fotograma 0 estaba sin deformar, y en el 4 con la deformación spline.

The emitters also were animated following the movement of the fish.
Los emisores también se animaron siguiendo el movimiento del pez.


Also I put an object wind, to move particles.
También puse un objeto viento, para mover las partículas.

Later was used an object metaballs to join certain particles. And some parts were modeled by hand.
Después se utilizó un objeto metaballs para juntar ciertas partículas.
Y algunas partes se modelaron a mano.

And this was the result:
Y este fue el resultado:


The water simply is a flat object with a material with bump of noise. And for the waves I used a material only with the channel bump, and in a this circular gradient with several ring and a turbulence of 3%. I placed several in different zones, with the option to mix textures activated.
El agua simplemente es un objeto plano con un material con bump de ruido.
Y para las ondas utilicé un material sólo con el canal bump, y en este un gradiente circular con varios anillos y una turbulencia de 3%.
Coloqué varios en distintas zonas, con la opción mezclar texturas activada.


The renderizado one was made with radiosidad, with normal values: 65 - 70 - 1/2 - 3 - 300 - 3 - 70. Also it was used depth of field and defocusing of vectorial movement (although this last one was annulled when it carried out the defocusing of depth).
El renderizado se realizó con radiosidad, con valores normales: 65 - 70 - 1/2 - 3 - 300 - 3 - 70.
También se usó profundidad de campo y desenfoque de movimiento vectorial (aunque este último quedó anulado cuando efectuó el desenfoque de profundidad).


Amazing work!
Thanks for the process


Fantastica la escena y insupereble la explicacion. FELICIDADES Digifran !
Me alegra ver gente de c4des con esa calidad por aqui.

Animos y Saludos.


Good work mate!! keep up the great work:thumbsup:
Buen trabajo!!



nice job keep it up:applause:


Very nice, and thanks for sharing , you could devolop it in to a Totoruial


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