Escargot, Ed Whetstone (3D)


Title: Escargot
Name: Ed Whetstone
Country: USA

This project was all about texturing something deceptively simple, the Sultan of Slime, the humble snail. Then, the challenge was to composite it convincingly onto a photographic plate. The trickiest bit was replicating the very particular pattern of bumps and protrusions that snails always exhibit. This particular snail isn’t based on any specific species, but a mishmash of ones I thought looked interesting.

Credit Where Credit’s Due

Low Poly snail was modeled by Todd Fechter. Texturing was accomplished using a combination of Photoshop, Maxon Bodypaint, Mudbox, and Zbrush for the shell’s ridges. Gotta love the Rake tool.


Beautiful work man. Nice and skilled one. Congrats! :wink:


Fantastic…I love It :thumbsup:


Really beautiful piece man. I think the composition is excellent, just enough elements to keep it interesting without overwhelming the viewer. Also beautiful colours. Really enjoyed this! Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:


Very very nice :smiley:


beautiful colors man , and gr8 work :slight_smile:


Is this real environment or it in 3d? Anyway work is great :thumbsup:

Could you please show the wireframe?


@kvakin: The environment is a photographic plate, as mentioned in the description. Thanks for the comment! And I’ll put up a wireframe and breakdown as soon as I can.


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