EscapeStudios acquired by Pearson College. Will this affect quality of teaching?


Hi guys. I’m just about to plop down my payment for the 12 week course at Escape studios. Just as I was about to register, i read on the website that the school has been acquired by Pearson College! Now this kinda threw me off. From what I know from usual business acquisitions, this can lead to a huge change in teaching staff and other issues. Now i’m really hesitating to attend this pricey course when there seems to be massive changes happening internally. I still really wish to attend but i’d like to hear from what you guys think about this… anyone? anybody with experience at the school? Thanks guys.


Great news! Just when I wanted to enroll :slight_smile:


Escape Studios here! Just to re-assure you that the acquisition will not affect the content or delivery of our courses, no staff changes or location changes are taking place. Escape were selected for being the best at what we do - we will be using our expertise in visual effects to assist with the development of a range of industry-specific vocational courses built on the Escape Studios model of hands on high intensity teaching.

We will remain a wholly independent entity within Pearson College but now we have the advantage of the backing and investment of a much larger company to assist us with the delivery of our goals.

Hope that helps guys!


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