Escape Plan B, Michael Dashow (2D)


Title: Escape Plan B
Name: Michael Dashow
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

Hi, all! I was inelligible to win any prizes in the Steampunk CGChallenge as I am a judge, but I worked on this piece for the challenge anyhow: I love getting feedback from folks and “hanging out with” friends during the Challenges, and who wouldn’t want a steampunk piece in their portfolio?

I built some base geometry for the mechanical bits in 3DS Max, but did all of the paint and color-work in Photoshop.

Oh, and if anyone’s interested in seeing the steps to the creation of this piece, you can follow the very long Challenge thread here:


Well done! The banana peel gag just doesnt get old!


well done :slight_smile:

tho my first thought was: “where’s the bloody monkey?” :smiley:


the sky, motorbike and that guys are outstanding rendered

whole nice piece!
well done!


Glad you enjoyed the WIP phase. And I hope you enjoy the judging phase soon! (There’s like what, 1000 entries to view? evil grin)


Jack, why do you think I was in such a rush to finish this before the deadline when I wasn’t submitting it? I’m going to be slammed with the judging for a while to come! :slight_smile:

Anyhow, thanks to everyone for the kind words!


Hi Walrus!
Very very very nice work!!!
Love composition, design, render colors…well done

Good luck for the challenge :wink:


nice work!!!


Im sure the fact that you cant submit is of great relief to those who are aspiring to place in this contest.
SImply remarkable.


I love this! Awesome composition and I really like how they are fending off a giant robot by throwing bananas! Shows that a sense of humor in paintings is always good.



This one is money!


:slight_smile: Sweet :slight_smile: love the bananas :slight_smile:



wow,its amazing how that girl manage to munch so many bananas,looks very good overall,the composition as well as the execution!good luck being one of the judge:)like what u have mention,i might do one of this steampunk piece in addition to my folio.


Very nice illustration!


ive been watching this piece since it started and yuve come up a long way to get to this phaze and rly made a fantastic job on this one :beer: :thumbsup:


Fabulous work man! Love the style and details! Looks like something a really cool cartoon could be made out of.


Wowzas! Lol, This image is awesome!:beer:


Amazing work! Love the camera angle.


Very Lovely illustration~!!!


Nice job, plugged.