Error: Invalid flag: - ^1s


Hi guys,
switched from 8.5 to M2008
I imported a scene and get the error // Error: Invalid flag: - ^1s
then freeze.

Maya software is rendering fine just a MR problem.
Removed all the shaders and put a lambert to all the geometry,
Did a Optimize scene size with unknown node checked.

Sent back the scene to 8.5 and is working fine with MR.

How to track the error ?


Hi a3000 and hi to the board. It’s my first post here.

I found this via google

It’s a fix for the optimise scene size bug. It doesn’t work for me but since this script is located under startup it might has something to do with this error!?

I’ve seen this error only in 2008, in 8.5 it only occured if the scene contained objects named with german ä,ö,ü characters.


Thanks Tappi,
yes it’s an optimise scene size bug…
and correcting the Mel fix the issue.
Welcome to the board.


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