"Error: *Fatal* (mental ray) : mental ray encountered a fatal error ..."


I get the error:

Error: Fatal (mental ray) : mental ray encountered a fatal error. The system may have become unstable. Please save the scene and exit Maya.

Almost all the time. I figured Maya 2008 honks more memory (even a version without that much new content) than its prequels so I chucked in another 1Gb stick. Not that a total of 2Gb is anything to brag about… but for an intermediate user I hoped it was enough.

I never got this error wiht 8.5 and I mostly do the same stuff then as I did now.

Anyone else get this? I have to close down maya every 10 renders or so… its very frustrating since maya takes about a decade to load. (Anything above 10 seconds is a decade when you are waiting for software to load).

I wish Autodesk would have include some option to optimize the memory it has allocated. There is no reason why Maya should stop working, when the scene it refuse to render worked fine when you loaded it 10 minutes earlier… given you havent done any substatial changes/operations.

Suggestions / help would be most welcome!



try to set the bps in your render globals to “large bsp”.

if this doesn’t work try to export -> import your scene


I also have save problem. did any one know what is the problem?
stormfrog can you fix your problem?


yeh, export -> import clould help.

It seems like a memory issue although I run on a 2gb system (linux 64) and can generally get around those probs (after many nervous brakedowns and tantrums).

Try going to Render -> Render Current Frame -> opts -> take memory limit off 0. Just hit calculate mem. That often helps. If you have fine displacement it’s pretty much necessary.

some other things:
I find I have that error more often when satellite rendering but I haven’t had it for a while now.
Check your materials also… I fould plugging a maya blinn etc into specular on a fast_sss is often instantly fatal. Also if you use automatically generated mrTexture files for light map storage the script makes the width 2x render res which will crash mental ray when you render 8Ks as it tries to make a 16Kx8K 32bit light map… foolish!


what is your memory usage showing?


My system is :
Intel Core 2 Quard, 2.40GHz
2GB of RAM
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT
Asus P5KC Motherboard

but i think there s no problem with system.when i play with bsp settings it seem problem fixed. but whil i change render setting (increase FG settings) getting same error again.

Thanks for your helps


I really love that message actually, because if I remember it right, before maya 2008 whenever mental ray crashed during the render, maya crashed aswell. At least now it gives you a chance of saving your scene so you don’t start screaming and kicking your computer because you’ve just lost some of your work.

Normally I get that message after a couple of renders (just like you) when I have big textures in my scene. It apears to me that mRay has some memory leaks when it comes to textures (but I’m far from being an expert in that area). If that happens to often for you and if those tips posted above don’t help, I suggest that you review your textures to see if you find any that you could do with a smaller version.


Actually i dont have any texture in my scene . :slight_smile:


I have the same problem, and most of the time Im not using any textures at all. But the scenes which causes most crashes are about >150mB. Smaller scenes havent crashed for me so far.


Same re-gosh-damn-effing problem here as well. I’ve reduced everything in my scene to a basic lambert shader and it still bogs out.


I have the same problem. When I was back using 6.5 never happened as much. I have 4 gigs of ram and that hasn’t helped at all. I noticed that it doesn’t really have any rhyme or reason. Sometimes even simple scenes have the same problem. Sometimes I just close maya and open it up again but thats way too slow and tedious. Another is to render using an external standalone renderer and check those but you have to render the whole scene at full res unless you change the globals.

Overall I have found 8.5 a massive memory hog.

I used to run Photshop, after effects and Maya 6.5 all at the same time with NO problems, I could get away with rendering after effects at the same time as working on maya (at least small scenes) with new improved 8.5 that has completely gone away. (was hoping 2008 would fix that but sounds like I’m out of luck).

It seems that the way software designers work these days is thinking that memory is cheap so they don’t need to optimize or streamline their progams. Just look at Vista, you need a over a gig of ram just to look at the desktop. Sure the shiny things are nice but they aren’t helping perfomance in anyway.

I run XP in classic mode because XP mode is too memory intensive. Linux is looking sweeter and sweeter all the time.


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