Error during plugin loading in Maya


Hi everyone,

I’m just writing this message because I got a strange error that I have not ever got before. Basically during the loading of a plugin made by other my friends, Maya just send me out this error:

undefined symbol: _ZTI15MPxDeformerNode

I know that specific plugin was compiled for Maya2017 and I’m pretty sure it was compiled trough CMAKE because I got also the CMAKE file.
I had a look also to that file and the specific Maya version wrote in it is 2017 and I’m running Maya2019. So now I don’t know exactly if it is related to something like incompatible Maya version or is something else.

I didn’t check yet the OpenMaya API for MPXDeformerNode, maybe there is something deprecated in that specific class which is used for Maya2017 but not used for 2019 anymore.

Thanks in advance for your help guys :smiley:


Hey guys, little heads up about this.

I managed for getting those plugins executable in maya 2019 and it was a matter of version. Basically I re-compiled them again with the right setting version for maya 2019, just changed the maya version in the CMakeList.txt, and then problem SOLVED. :smiley:

Thanks anyway for your help