[error]big problem with max viewport...


Hi Guys,
I got no error msg or something else. I got shading and “render”-error’s in my viewport.

the “Wireline” is broken, the Face-Shading are broken … I got this on max only.

I have the newest drivers (directx9c and nvidia driver > gainward geforce4 ti)

anyone knows something about? here the screen … it isn’t funny anymore :frowning:


Use OpenGL :wink:

Looks to me definitely like a driver, or maybe even a videocard problem.



Are you using an OpenGL or DirectX viewport driver? Since GeForce4 is not DX9 compatible, I would suggest using OpenGL (if you aren’t already). If that fails, try downgrading to DX 9.0b - nothing requires 9.0c yet… Alternatively, download a 50.xx series driver from (for example) Guru3d.com.


this happens with both driver settings :frowning:

I will try to install an older version.


this solution doesn´t work for me … lol I got nealy the same errors on software mode. damn it sucks! I don´t know why, cause all my games are running very well :frowning:


Try moving the 3dsmax.ini file out of the root DIR. This will basically revert to all default settings. Sometimes weird things like what you mentioned can be cleaned up by doing this.

FYI: If you modified your UI make sure to save your settings.

good luck :thumbsup:


thanks but same problem :frowning:


you played with the directx settings? should be a quality problem, but i never saw it.


Try enabling Antialiased lines in the OpenGl Configure window.
Hope that helps.


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