eroded comic


lo, i cant stop thinking about what flingster said about doing what you enjoy doing the most and what you feel the most comfortable with.

i have indeed changed my mind more times that our cat when it was in heat last spring…

but i love doing these eroded images.


eroded comic


inside small building


As mentioned before, I love the burned retro feel to these, it’s a style i’ve always been fond of.

One crit is the robot seems a little simple, but the rest of the detail speaks volumes for your work.

Also… Thanks for your compliment earlier, I appreciate it very much.


very nice work…and your showreel very good

congratulations :slight_smile:




thanks man, i’ll drink to that one, his hands are terrible, they need the most attention, and the gun needs a lot of work on it too, these were renders done from a while back - since then hes had three more cables attached under his head…which is in erráns ruber, but i agree.

the feet…which you cant actually see much in any of these images have a little bit of detail…if i can up the detail so its all like his feet then i might be winning.

its trcky keeping him super slick and having the detail there too.

thanks though for the crit.


thanks dude,


It looks really great, I really like the style on these pics.



Regarding the robots simplicity, I agree that a little more detail could be added, but I think a relatively basic design is better for this style. For example, while InTheCity’s robot is absolutely amazing, it wouldn’t work here at all; all the great details that he added would get lost in the eroding style and it wouldn’t look good.

Also, I just wanted to drop a fan post and say I think this style is really great. If you do a comic book, I’ll buy it for sure. The video game I’d have to think about, and then buy.



Yep! I would buy it :thumbsup:
It is hard to just glance at these images.
They really hold your interest!


oh wow! i am thoroughly impressed. i would most certainly buy a book if you published one. now i just need a coffee table to set it on and i’ll be all set. :wink:

quick question though… how exactly are you achieving this result? from here it looks like you have your scenes flatshaded and lit, and then you’re coming back in and throwing a texture on top to show the wear. then i look at a couple of them and i feel like you have an individual texture on the surfaces to achieve the effect. i think my eyes are playing tricks on me. :smiley:


Sorry about the delay on the response there,

I typed a long one yesterday, but accidentally hit backspace when the text wasn’t selected and it jumped out to the main page - and I lost all I‘d typed. I then had to go to bed.


Thanks man :slight_smile:


Thanks dude :slight_smile: , the overall detail will be going up on the robot dude…the hands are the main area that need re designing so I can do some close up shots of keypads and buttons being pressed.

Hope i can find a publisher that will publish it!

Thanks man :slight_smile: hope a publisher will publish it!


Thanks man :slight_smile: , yep its added in photoshop with high res textures, all but the last page, its a very dark image that is textured in 3d on all surfaces and then textured again in photoshop…I know what you mean about it playing with the brain…hehe

Thanks guys for the really nice comments, i’m humbled that people want to buy the book. will try very hard to get it published when its finished.


another style!
i can’t even develop one style…and you got three excellent ones to choose from…

i think its very cool actually…think the robots are cool simple…part of the appeal for me…but since they are principle characters no reason why they couldn’t be more detailled in areas…but i like those heads and legs…so i would try and keep the same sillhouette/shape you have…but maybe try adding some fine detailling to them. the rounded joint areas work well…imho as always bud…and you got nothing to lose trying…just try and retain some of the retro feel in the process.

was thinking this erroded look might work with the blue noir shots…eg like water damages/sun faded blueprints look…might have to exaggerate blues…eg white bleached areas or dark dark blue areas…dunno just another thought for you to try.

i’m a big believer in doing what you enjoy when it comes to creative endeavour…it usually results in your best work…you usually finish it…and you usually manage to get a greater kick out of when it is completed. certainly when youre working on such a personal project like this where you’ve put so much effort in already building up the objects and environments you gotta enjoy it and try and keep focussed.

was thinking about your stuff the other day…they had an ad on tv…was either bbc or channel4 asking for fresh talent…directors…maybe you could present something to this sort of thing and see if you can get any funding to finish it…atm you have enough to impress anyone with a minimum of sense! heh heh. just a thought…even a little funding might give you some impetus…i get the impression you want to make a film…but as its takes so long you keep getting distracted by other medium…comic/dvd/game proposal…so i would try and get to pitch it to someone…channel 4 has airs some animation stuff…so might be worth approaching them or others…
14 days to apply…no reason why you shouldn’t…DO IT! NOW…


Ello flingster, sorry bout delay on the response,

I gotto be quick here also.

Oo eck!..Its kinda panic stations on that one dude…you absolutely right though…will send them my stuff as soon as poss. This all gets down to paperwork and well written letters / massive pre production plan.

I have lots of ideas…but I’d like very very much for the series to be silent…and I don’t know what they would have to say about that.

thanks for the link dude, and the suport means a lot to me man.

bye for now


I know I’ve said it a few times before, but I just love your stuff!


Very atmospheric and interesting stiff indeed! I dig the grungy monotone vibe you have happening there. It is really cold and eerie , yet strangely inviting at the same time! Would love to see some of these robots animated…will have to check out your reel asap…


NO FEAR…this is not acceptable.
if its a silent movie…then propose it as that…what have you got to loose! nothing.
what have you got to gain…s**t loads.
if you can do all that stuff a few written letters is a no brainer…the pre-production plan well dream something up…then submit the thing with all these artwork styles…what the hell…why not…at the very least you’ll learn the process of submission for his sort of thing.
go for it…:bounce:


i will send dude, i have some freelance work i have to finish…and then i will be on it…


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