Ernie, Chris Colibaba (3D)


Name: Chris Colibaba
Country: Canada

Just made a wallpaper:

Software: Softimage Xsi 3.5-4

Hey all,
I thought I would test out this new gallery forum.
This is my new character, Ernie, who is going to be in my demo reel. Overall I am going for animation in my demo reel, however I would like to get some comments and critiques on my character.
Software used is Softimage XSI.
Let me know what you think!


i think if you brightened his face to contrast the coat and rest of the body, it would be much more appealing. Right now it seems like its all one shade, and rather boring.


nice modelling,i don’t think you are concerned with realism,tho I might suggest you to give to your character skin an other shader/material,cause actually the one you put on him is quite ‘flat’…you know the typical copper/zombie effect …other than this i have to say it’s a very good job just try to fix the thing i said(well it’ up to you :slight_smile: )


Hey Chris,

It’s a nice character, but as already said, I’d also change some shaders - the eyebrows seem a little worried, the shader for the face is too dark, uninteresting and his teeth seem a little strange too, but maybe that’s just the perspective. Guess it would help if you could post some close-ups of the face!


It’s a nice character
good stance:thumbsup:


For some reason I really like the shoes. The toonish shape is fun. The jacket’s texture is awesome, multicolor nice touch.

I think the teeth or dentures are a little wide, depth is not noticeable. Adding nails to the characters hands would balance out the amount of definition from the head to hands. Also the eyebrows look like toothpaste. Possibly he could be more attractive if you add a hair like texture to it.

I’m not sure if it is just me but I think he is missing a cane on his left hand.:shrug:


Thanks for the comments and critiques everyone.
Here some close ups of the head.


Looking good. I think the face texture should be broken up a slight. The hat has nice bump to it and because it’s right next to face that seems like it doesn’t have any bump is throwing me off.
I would add some bump to it, (some nice wrinkles would be cool) and look into a colour diffuse map to give it more of a skin feel.
I’m not sure if you were planning this but some kind of texture with bump on the hair and eyebrows will really add to his face.
This is a design issue, but to me I find the eye colour a little too saturated. If you tone down the outter blue colour it would seem to ‘belong’ more.
Overall I think it’s a great start, keep it up.



looks great! i cant wait to see that guy animated!


hey chris ,

i hear your becoming quite the animator , your character looks very interesting , cant wait to see what you will do with this . Yeah only thing that stood out for me too was the shading on the skin , textures need a bit more detail also the bump/spec could use a bit of work too. keep it up



Great character!

I love the expression on his face :thumbsup:


Hey chris! nice work yo?. thats the shit i too agree with the skin its a lil too constant and needs to to be more scatterd maybe some liver spots would look cool. keep up the rad bad work your homie j -low


dude, is it just me or does that expression look like hes constipated? haha IM MESSIN!! looks good, we want to see some updates, buddy. i know youve been workin on this guys alot, show us what you got


Hey guys, thanks a lot of the comments. I made a few changes over the last couple of days. The hair just has an alpha mask on it, which I think I will tweak a bit. I hope you like it. Let me know what you think.


i like it way more now the hair with the alpha looks more realistic to fit his face… its really stylized cartooney realisum look i LIKE IT! bye the way im typing this one handed if thats any sort of constellation!


Hey pugs, thanks for the reply.
Though I would add some close ups of my latest pose.

I also have a run cycle I have been working on. Let me know what you think.
ErnieRun <–Right click and save as so you can loop it


very nice improvement…much better than before,even tho i think you need to tweak more the shader of his skinn.Did you work with maya right?well then i advice you to create a backlight shader (Emmanuel Campin on Highend3d) which is also used by steven Stahlberg (you know the master of maya here in cgtalk )for creating his famous skin shader


Hey Profane, I am actually using XSI 4 and dont know much about Maya… do you have any suggestions on how to get the same effect in XSI?
Thanks for the comment.


haha, i love the run cycle, its awesome. the only thing is to me it seems like hes too old to run like that, i was excpecting more of a hobble/stumble with some wheezing. good work though, its awesome.


hey chris its looking good , i like your animation as well , you have some talent there man , im not sure about how close your gonna cut in on his face for your demo but i think the textre lacks some detail that i would expect on this character , he needs some more wrinkles/deeper pores/spots/blemishes anything to make him look a bit more aged , also give him some fingernails and yellow them up a bit, its coming along well man , good luck

oh and im not sure but , your bump map looks inverted the wrong way , your pores bump out instead of in…maybe its my eyes …