erin pearce - Animation Session 11 - Action Cut


okay, so this is kinda similar to isometrix’s first idea.
but it’s also different :stuck_out_tongue:
oh, and I thought of it before I read isometrix’s post :wink:

Character (some yet to be determined free rig) is idle… senses something gets scared, begins to turn bumps into something (a big ol’ mirror) jumps and fully turns (cut mid turn) and sees self and screams (like a girl, albeit silently) before realizing it’s just him. then if time permits as soon as he relaxes, the mirror falls over and lands on him


alright, I hope I’m not too late to get back to this…

but I actually have my anim blocked out and available for perusal:

I think the jump is too slow and there needs to be more emphasis on the emotional shift at the beginning…
but enough about me, lemme know what you think :smiley:


Hi monster…

nice blocking! Keep going!

Just be carefull with your lighting. ( Maybe it is just me ) It is changing the character color from one shot to another. That makes hardier to read the cut! did you get it?

Nice job.



thanks mr solo,
I get what you’re saying about the lighting… I kinda like it but maybe I should change it so it reads better.

here’s an update with some smoothing

when the character is screaming, I’m going to have him shaking… right now it looks like he goes from static pose to static pose at the end (which it in fact does :rolleyes: )



Two things I noticed:

#1. The character is jumping to the right in the first shot, but in the second shot, he is landing and settling to the left, which is not keeping the continuity from shot to shot. If he is jumping to the right in shot 1, he should be landing and settling to the right in shot 2.

#2. The landing in shot 2: Your first foot down has a lot of weight, but the second foot down is too delayed, which is killing the weight in the landing.

I hope to see more!



Hey!! great update!!

I think the first frames of your animation is a little strange … maybe he could do a backward sneaky walk, like if he was afraid and then he feels the mirror.

Keep it on

Vitor Vilela


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