Eric, the Knight from Dungeons and Dragons


Hello everybody!

I thought I finished this piece, but I’m kind of worried about it.
What do you think about this lighting?


It’s a bit hard to tell with the image being so small, but from what I can see, the lighting seems ok. Maybe put a rim light on him so his head/shoulder area separates from the background a bit more?


Thanks for the feedback Lunatique!
Here’s an update. I thought about the rim light, but won’t it change the lighting of almost all the piece? Just wanted to confirm what you meant with your advice.


Can you upload a larger image? It’s still very tiny–only the size of a large stamp.

Rim light won’t change your lighting much except add a bright halo around the contour of your subject. It’s a back-light so it only lights up the rim and cannot reach the front of the subject.

Look at examples here:

See how adding a rim light really makes the subject pop out from the background and define its contour very clearly?


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Finally some udpate after the great feedback.
I tried to keep the flame to suggest his magic force field, which is the characters trademark.


Looks good. The change to the background and the lighting on the hair gives the image a stronger sense of dimensionality. The cooler color temperature also creates a stronger color contrast than before.

I’m not so sure about the two peaks in the background with his head sandwiched in the middle though. Was that a composition choice or is it necessary for the premise/narrative?


They aren’t important at all for the narrative.
Well, I thought about the lines converging to the main focus: his head. Now that you mentioned, I’ll probably change the lines so it won’t be so straight, like the cliff in the left. The triangle shape is so centered that it looks too artificial. I’ll look into it, any suggestion so far?


I personally would go for a more natural and asymmetrical looking mountain range in the background. No need for contrived looking triangle arrangement since it does nothing for the narrative and only negatively impacts the composition. Using interesting looking cloud formation/lighting can work well too, such as stormy looking clouds.


This is very interesting!
I totally agree with Lunatique … there’s lot of potential with the mountains … playing around with the composition … maybe adding some atmostphere? … to depict distance … depth …

I did a little color adjustment … there’s an “optional” level adjustment too … might give you a few ideas!

Here’s the .psd file for you to experiment :stuck_out_tongue:

All the best!


Here’s an update, considering the feedback. I aggree with everything, and made some other adjustments also.


@nwiz25 - I like B the most, with the stronger contrast and more distinct bluish color cast, which creates a stronger contrast to the orange of the fire.

@RoBs0n - The smaller peak on the right helps, but why not alter the angle of the peak too, so the two peaks don’t share the same degree of angle? Also, maybe make the peaks a bit more organic in shape so they aren’t both just straight lines.


An update, considering also some more reflected light from the red cape. I’m really learning with this one.


@Lunatique - thank you so much Robert!

@ RoBs0n - the new update looks really good! but something about the sword, shield and his knee got me confused …

Either you can add a strong shadow cast by shield to show that the sword is positioned behind … or you can show him holding it in his right hand.

found a reference too :