Eric Bana chosen as next Bond


AFP - Australian actor Eric Bana, star of films including The Hulk and Troy" is the surprise new choice to take over as James Bond. The beefy 35-year-old had beaten off competition from British actors such as Jude Law and Ewan McGregor to take over the role of the super-spy in the long-running series of films.


Not really related to CG but interesting news I thought… Eric is an awesome actor and “Chopper” was a great film.



Same reaction I had when I heard about Michael Keaton being cast as Batman.

Too bad that guy from the BMW online films wasn’t chosen.


Lets hope now they can put together a decent screenplay unlike the garbage we have seen in recent Bond films.


Taking my pinch of salt now

But if it’s accurate, cool. Eric Bana’s great.



It aint true, he was on the Melbourne, Australia radio this morn laughing at it.

Sorry people, would have been cool though


It most certainly would not have been cool, Bond is British, casting Eric Bana (who I have a lot of respect for, don’t get me wrong, in the right role he is very talented), would be like casting, I don’t know, Kevin Costner as Robin Hood!!! Just plain WRONG!

For the record, if Pierce Brosnan isn’t going to do it anymore (shame, he is the most appropriate Bond ever, compared to the original character in the books), the Clive Owen (the man from the BMW ad’s) would fit the part much better.



Hmmm, while Eric Bana is a great actor, I just can’t see how he can make a good James Bond.
He couldn’t have any less of that suave britishness that James Bond is meant to have.

And Orlando Bloom as the Young James Bond?.. bleugh


Kelsey Grammer should play bond.

That would annoy the feck out of anyone stupid enough to build a rocketfiring satellite, or any other doomsday device for that matter.



Bond: “Dont make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”


I really like Eric Bana’s work, I just couldn’t see him as Bond.

Every time I’d see him on screen I’d be waiting for him to pull out a sawn off shotgun and go “Chopper” on the bad guy :smiley:


You’re joking, right? Pierce Brosnan isn’t British, he’s Irish, (from a town called Cavan).

The Bond character has so far been played by Scottish, Australian, English, Welsh and Irish. What’s wrong with going back to an Australian? (although personally I don’t think Eric Bana could act his way out of a box, talk about a wooden performance in the Hulk - not a requirement for a Bond character anyway).

Me, I’d be glad to see the back of the Bond films. It’s getting like the Simpsons, used to be good, got to a stage where you might watch it on tv, to just plain boring. Talk about flogging a dead horse…


I don’t think going back to an Australian is the problem. It’s the particular Australian they’ve chosen. Roger Moore certainly wasn’t the best bond, but he didn’t act or sound australian either. All the bonds (I’ve seen at least) have all had a very suave atmosphere around them.
Eric Bana would be like a less extreme Steve Erwin playing Bond.


Roger Moore certainly wasn’t the best bond, but he didn’t act or sound australian either

That’s because he wasn’t. The Australian Bond was George Lazenby.


Well I’ll be a cleverly-worded-retort. I haven’t even seen On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, so I can’t say I knew he was even a Bond. Not sure why I always thought Moore was the Australian, uncofirmed childhood rumours I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

retracts everything he said except for bits about Bana being a crappy Bond




hehehehehe… It aint true, he was on the Melbourne, Australia radio this morn laughing at it.
my bad… it looked legit. thats the first/last time i read ninemsn. :banghead:
i agree with pgregory that Bond is British. i believed Pierce Brosnan’s performance as Bond… he had the suave britishness that is core to the character. Its unfortunate that his reign has to end due to (from what i read) a disagreement with the producers.

when i say “Bond is British” i’m refering to the character not the actor who plays the part. the actor could be any nationality… as long as his performance makes me believe (without doubt) that he is 007.


now i have Steve Erwin as bond stuck my head “Crikey!!!”


Old news, Orlando Bloom was picked to play bond:

P.S. Funny link on IMDB when I looked up the name “James Bond” (must have been some weird mix up with Roger Moore’s name)


the guy from the BMW movies should play James Bond, I see him fit better than Eric Bana.


This is definitely NOT TRUE!!! Thank God! Heres your proof…

Roll on Clive Owen!!