Equirectangular Sketch & Toon issues


When doing a spherical render in R19 i’m having trouble getting sketch and toon to render on it.

Any ideas or similar issues?


Sadly you might be out of luck - read this recent thread:


Yes unfortunately you cant use the spherical camera. But as Rick says in his reply, you can render a 6-camera rig and recreate the spherical projection in post.

Here’s hoping Rick figures out a CV plugin that lets you use the sperical cam to do this :slight_smile:

And while he’s at it, figure out a way to output camera and nulls from a spherical camera render as well.


Thats a shame, i was hoping i was just missing something.

I ended up using the old atom array effector. With a bit of tweaking it wasn’t so far different from my sketch and toon results. I was lucky.

Thanks for the feedback.