EPSILON 9 Police Interceptor/NVART challenge WIP


Hi everybody. Here I’ll show WIP police interceptor for the contest NVART. We will not only car and its features (transformed into buggies and flying shuttle, will still be surrounding himself a policeman. All of this should resemble the style of SYD MEAD. It is I think the main task in the final composition. To all the artists good luck and patience. :slight_smile:


WIP/ modeling car


The overall design feels very bladerunner-ish to me, which i like alot. :stuck_out_tongue:

goodluck with the challenge.



definitely on the right track :beer: keep going can you show a picture without wires ?


looks pretty good…any images without wireframes?



Blade Runner - yes I’ve reviewed a lot of works and films where he participated in the development of concepts SYD MEAD. Spinner and concepts like it closer to my perception of design. Many see the works of SYD smooth lines and minimalism in details etc… I was guided entirely by the other side of SYD MEAD - the near future about 2050-2060 years, the combination of angles with a rigid form of armor, all the features and locations of all items in the car targeted for police. All the parts are animated including computer panel inside the cabin (I will show later). I just tried to keep the main line in the design and full functionality of the engine and the triple transformation of the wheels. In the car, no empty seats, will be seen when I give the turns of the camera and render images. When creating this model I wanted to show the style SYD MEAD not only outside but also, and inside. Now comes the development of the helmet for the policeman and the structure of buildings for the environment.

Thank you man


tnx :slight_smile: Render pics soon.


glad you like it. tnx

soon soon soon…


Great model!
It’s a bit like an “Ice train” by Daniel Simon…


wow great to see you again in the forums, love the design, did you came up with it? i would love to see those pics as well.
Hope you update your other WIP’s to :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey! This looks really good, and I was thinking about making the same vehicle for my scene but looks like you’re way ahead of me. I haven’t been able to work with 3ds max much lately because it’s giving me a lot of trouble. Anyway, the hard-surface modeling looks great, and like your other works it’s obvious you got talent. I’ve been doing some sci-fi modeling the past couple days and I was surprised to see my style is similar to yours in ways. Maybe someday we can do a collab? ;] Wish the best of luck on the challenge. :beer:



Hey buddy, glad you liked the work. There is still much to be done ahead. Thanks


Hey, I too am glad to see you here. I decided to participate in the contest, a competition for the future of transportation in the style of SYD MEAD. But I did not shut down its main project, it is time to show the public, but I am by nature can not until I get the desired quality. Haha. How are your successes? There are new ideas?


Hi, Zachary. Thank you for your comment. You still only 21 years old. Always believe in your strength. Be unique. Glad to get acquainted. Good luck :slight_smile:


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