Epic, David Domingo Jimenez (3D)


Thanks again.
Glad you like it.
Here you have a picture of the wire


Awesome job ddjimenez, the model is fantastic, love shading and lighting!



cute&great design~!


Congrats for CGAward!
You deserve it for sure :wink:


Congratulations! Great job and lovely character, I hope too see tutorial about this one


Thanks to all. I’m very happy for the award.
I making a little tutorial on the process, and be published in a magazine in the next month, but maybe I do a tutorial more detailed in the future. For now, I’m working in my new illustration. Another Robot :wink: I will show wips soon.
Thanks again.


I would love to see his adventure movie…Very inspiring.



This looks like it’s one of the robots from the movie Wal.E. As is it took different parts from the junk planet it was banished to and made a body for itself. I like it.


I love everything about this. From its character design to the unique feel and vibe. Great job!


un-ha! how long did you finished this work! it’s very super works.
what kind of software help you finished it.


Great work! Looking forward to see the tutorial! :applause:


Very nice, great design. Thanks for the wires


This is really fantastic, great design, great attention to details. Looking forward to the tutorial. Most curious about the lighting setup. Vray sun and sky, studio lit? Looks great!


[font=Arial]Thanks to all :slight_smile:
The illuminatio. It is no more complicated that this. I have used a direct light with Sun, Sky in the environment and another Hdri for the Gi, in order to pick up the areas in the shade. I always use a Physical Camera from Vray, and the Frame Buffer activated. Fcamos, thanks man.[/font]


Wow that is really detailed! Congratulations, great stuff.


Woa! I love the overall mood and that ‘face’ gives it a really funny touch. It’s great. Thank for that wires, I could see your hard work there.


Just amazing :applause:


Pro work man, love the face haha!


Wow! This guy has character right down to the wrinkles in his pants! Maybe consider adding some tension into his shoulder straps. Amazing execution!


Awesome imagination and detail level.