EPC2018 - Everything Procedural Conference, 25-04-18, Breda, the Netherlands


Hi everyone,

After a successful first edition in 2016, the Everything Procedural Conference on procedural content generation for games will return in 2018.
We are super exited to release the first speaker names and subjects:

Houdini - Your Gateway to Generative Design
Manuel Casasola Merkle & Moritz Schwind - Entagma
Entagma’s Manuel & Moritz will take you on a journey of what is possible in generative design using Houdini both in personal and commercial projects.

Wave Function Collapse in Bad North
Oskar Stålberg - Bad North
Oskar Stålberg will talk about how the Wave Function Collapse algorithm is employed to magically assemble idyllic island dioramas from handcrafted tilesets. You’ll learn about the theory behind WFC, its implementation and further development in Bad North, as well as the tools and pipeline surrounding it.

Exploring the Collaboration between Proceduralism and Deep Learning
Anastasia Opara - SEED at EA
Anastasia will share her learning journey into the world of Deep Learning and discuss how it can contribute to the current Procedural workflows.

Procedural opportunism in Watch_Dogs 2
Pierre Villette - Ubisoft Paris
Ubisoft intensively used procedural methods in world production within the Paris team. This presentation will show how they have done that in the very specific context of co-dev, with an “opportunist” approach respecting the pipeline and the usual methods followed by other studios.

Houdini in AAA Production / Using Procedural Modeling and Kits
Twan de Graaf - Ubisoft Paris
Twan’s talk will highlight how we started using Houdini at Ubisoft Paris for our tool creation process as well as give a more in-depth look into one of the tool categories we created for Ghost Recon Wildlands.


Quick update, two more speakers added to schedule:

Using Voxelization For Environment Art in Horizon Zero Dawn
Ben Schrijvers - Guerrilla Games
In this talk Ben Schrijvers from Guerrilla Games will explain how voxelization was used to generate iso surface meshes that contribute to the seamless integration of calcification and ice buildup for the “metal world” environments in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Working With Change
Innes McKendrick - Hello Games
Innes will discuss the continuous work to update No Man’s Sky since its launch in 2016, looking at techniques the team developed to manage, test and improve its procedurally generated universe.