Eon (Trailer) Entry: Wade White


gain,good animations.I like the “timing” you give to the shuttle…it looks of the right size.
The launch scene looks cool too.


spire - Thanks!

blueglitchman - Thanks a lot! It’s turning out to have a little more 3D than I’d anticipated, but we’re trying to stay faithful to the overall 2D look.

OZ - Thanks! We’re definitely getting out mileage out of that shuttle model (and the 2D painting of Earth behind it).

Phil’s got the ocean launch platforms built. We’re going to try the shot with some DOF and camera shake as the rocket in the extreme foreground shoots past. Stuff we’ve never tried before, so it will definitely be a learning experience. :slight_smile:


But what about some storm waves on the ocean?


Keep things flowing, fifty!
Wanna see more moving stuff :slight_smile: - Docking scene looks nice in variation, kinda reminds me of the “Space Odyssey - 2001” - I like the feel of it.
BTW: Are you gonna input some cartoony style movement for the characters?
Guess I’ll see it soon anyway, tho.


ittrium - Storm waves would definitely be more dramatic, but I think that’s one we’ll have to save for next time. I’m pretty sure we’re stretching the outer limits of our knowledge already (in fact–at least in my case anyway–I’ve definitely stepped well beyond those former limits, which I think is probably the best thing about the challenge). But I appreciate the feedback! :slight_smile:

Cofiction - We’re moving, we’re moving!!! :scream: Phil’s done a couple renders of the heavy lifter scene. He’s got two of three rockets blasting off, and the third one will be added this weekend. I’ve been working on some 2D character animation myself, and boy is it ever slow going. It’s definitely no secret that some of the final images for our entry will be colored storyboards only, even with the generous time extension they added. I’m totally blown away by the other entries and the great stuff that’s being produced in such a short amoutn of time. If nothing else, I’ve learned just how long learning and actually doing a lot this stuff really takes. But we’re plugging steadily away. I’ll try to get some images/animations posted this weekend, even if it’s only WIP on some of the shots. Thanks for the encouragement!!!


Software: Lightwave 3D

This is nearer to the finished shot for the heavy lifters. Phil’s tweaking it a bit and will render the final version over the weekend.

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Nice takeoff- Cool animated plume. We’re having fun here! Will be interesting to see the final animation/storyboard 2d and 3d combo. Mine will have some combo too…you have another rocket taking off to the left, a double launch. Nice. Gives it that urgent feeling.


The flames are looking good, but I think something that would improve the cinematography would be to shake the camera a bit when the rocket nearest the camera starts to appear. It gives the scene a nice, realistic feeling. Like in the game Gears of War, if you start to run really fast, the camera starts to shake and it makes it feel like you’re actually there.


userBrian - thanks! Yeah, we’ve got quite a mish-mash of stuff in there. Because of that it won’t be as consistent visually as many of the other entries, but since my primary goal for the challenge was simply finishing I’ll be happy to save acheiving that level of work for another project/challenge. :slight_smile:

mitchelhunt - heh, glad to hear you say that because that’s actually one of the “tweaks” Phil’s working on to finish up the shot this weekend. :smiley: He’s going to try to do it directly in Lightwave first, but if that doesn’t work then we’ll simply render out the frames slightly larger than they need to be and use Mirage or After Effects to simulate shake by moving the picture plane around a bit (I wonder if either program has a plugin for doing that sort of thing? I’ll have to check). We’re also going to try some DOF stuff between the foreground and background as the foremost ship comes into view. Thanks for the feedback!


Software: Painter

Near final version of the first subway shot with Vielgrosky (they’re more slightly animated storyboards rather than full animation). Somehow I managed to make it a two second clip instead of the one second the breakdown calls for. I also noticed there needs to be some shadows, etc, underneath Vielgorsky on the seat and probably on the wall behind him too. It’s not quite what I had hoped the shot would be, but it’s serviceable. A few tweaks and then on to the next shot. Since I have to make a few adjustments anyway, I may also strobe the lights more and try to fit in two or even three passes within the one second timeframe.

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Hi fifty3dragons! Good work on the take off scene! Just a couple of suggestions to add something: try and add a little camera shake as the last rocket passes near the viewer and put it a little out of focus, and maybe slow down the particles just a little bit.
Also, on the last update, try and contrast a bit the image, and overlay a round B/W gradient to get the corners darker, you will like it! Yes the shadows will contribute a lot, and maybe adding a little zoom-in as the sequence advances will leave it less static.
Keep up! Great job! :thumbsup:


ThE-ShiFT - Hey, thanks for the feedback! That gradient suggestion is a great idea. I’ll definitely have time to put something like that in as I finish up the shot. Phil did up the final version for the liftoff yesterday. He added some camera shake, blurring, addtional textures on the foreground rocket, etc. I told him it’s now officially the best shot in the whole trailer! Having him come on board has definitely raised the quality well beyond what I could have acheived on my own. :slight_smile:


Software: Painter

A close to final shot for the last visual before the logo rolls. I had to make it much simpler than originally planned, as is going to be the case with most of the stuff from here on out I suspect. But I did learn a number of things about matching animation to audio since this was my first scene which actually includes dialogue (although I left it out of the clip for now; it’ll be in the animatic). I also utilized layers much better in this shot than I had in some earlier ones, so apparently I can be taught!

Done primarily in Mirage with some swapping into Painter IX.5 to switch canvas sizes and get the gradient working properly.

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Software: Lightwave 3D

So I dove back into Lightwave myself for this shot. Although it’s not on the storyboards, it is a shot I conceived of when I started work on the trailer. I liked the idea of putting the cross scouts somewhere in there. I didn’t put the shot in originally because I thought it would be too difficult to pull off. But after working on the trailer for the past couple of months, I’ve become much more comfortable and decided to take a stab at it. Turned out to be fairly straightforward.

It’s by no means a polished shot, but I’m happy enough with it as a visualization and it’ll certainly work, I think, as part of an animated storyboard. It also eliminates the need to do two other shots (because it’s a four second shot instead of just two seconds) and therefore cut down on the number of shots left to finish, which is a good thing.

Although I didn’t look at reference while I was actually animating the shot, it’s inspired by a shot in the old Ultima Online 2 trailer from several years back (anyone familiar with the trailer knows which shot I mean).

We’re almost done with the colored storyboards. We might even be able to post the full animatic by tomorrow night. Not too many nights left anyway, so I guess we don’t have a choice.

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Just a quick update. This is (most of) the model Phil’s been working on for the VSTOL. He’s got some propellers on it, just not in this shot.


Software: DFX+, Lightwave 3D[8.5], Painter IX.5, Photoshop CS2

So here’a a WIP of the VSTOL approaching Axis City along the flaw. This was a collaborative shot. I built the model for Axis City (it was one of my earlier concept pieces) and did the matte painting with it. I passed that off to Phil who built the VSTOL model and the flaw in Lightwave and composited everything together.

We’re working on the shot now. Phil’s changed the color of the VSTOL to a deep red, and speeded up both the plane and the camera by at least twice as much for a quicker paced shot.

It underwent a double compression here, which is why the video quality is so poor at this point. But the final shot will look much better!

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Phil put together this breakdown of one of our earlier shots, the heavy lifters taking off from ocean platforms.


Hi Fifty3Dragons! An thank you so much for giving your precious feedback on our trailer! Great to see your progressions here, expecially seeng you’re using passes, wich are the key to great improvements. We see you’re going to add camera shake as the heavylifter passes nearby the camera and that’ a great idea. Try also adding a little out-of-focus effect on that element, maybe animating it to drive the attention on the russian flag (just try, maybe would not work). The VSTOL sequence is really promising. Keep it up mate!


ThE-ShiFT: Thanks for your feedback too! This has certainly been a learning experience, a lot of work, and dare I say, even fun at times.

I actually tried an out-of-focus effect on the foreground launcher last week after I finished the scene. I wasn’t happy with the results I was able to achieve so I took it back out again. Unfortunayely I won’t have another shot to fix it before the due date… which is too bad, because it’s a great idea.

This is the first project where I’ve seriously attempted to use multiple passes on shots so, if for no other reason, this project has been great for learning. It also the first time Wade and I have collaborated like this and we’ve been working out the kinks since we’re separated geographically by quite a distance. Just figuring out how to share the resource files back and forth efficiently has taken a while.

I’ve been lurking around the other threads and I am extremely impressed by the quality of work put forth here.


ThE-ShiFT - I’ll echo Phil’s thanks. We appreciate very much your words of encouragement and especially the feedback from a professional team such as yourselves on how to improve our shots. This project has definitely been a tremendous learning experience for us, and watching how other teams (such as ThE-ShiFT!!!) work has taught us a great deal.