Eon (Trailer) Entry: Wade White


Wow am I happy to see you didn’t quit! The new shuttle looks great, so I can continue to give crits! Exellent! Cool you got a new mike! Ive dusted off my Warlock guitar and been writing a song about Patricia’s Tears. That’s the title. Sounds heavy, huh? Well, this IS cg TALK and I sure can walk the talk! I had to sell my Warwick Bass, soooo I dunno…I counted in that groul! Which makes me wonder- didn’t Leigh play the Bass? How come we haven’t heard that? Huh?

So… I’m rigging up my new Vox effects amp and my mixer and I’m gonna rock this rock inside out! So if you team guys know a rock star this is your last chance for a fine romance! Make my day! Hmmm’'I may buy a Bass guitar JUST for you guys! Cuz I know you dig it!"

I did a tube run animation, extended my way out there in Vue, but I’ll save my post of it to my final to save the cgtalk server! Hey- guys- how big is your final looking? How many megs do you estimate? Lets give cgtalk a warning! Of course we could ramp it down, but are we looking at 10 megs? Or what?

Nuff said


And automatic coverable top?

Yeah, you can give a little bit of rotation to the starfield.
Is it for image #3 on you storyBoard?
May be simpler to render 1 image of shuttle with transparent background. And render 1 image of starfield. Then in AfterFX add a fire from the shuttle engine, add a little bit of waggle to the shuttle, little bit of rotation to the starfield, and create moving shadow (black layer+mask). So you can easily change transparency and feather of border of the shadow.


userBrian - Yep, we’re definitely still here!! :slight_smile: I meant to be posting more, but the holidays really made for much slower work on the project than I had anticipated. But we’re still hard at it, and on target to finish all milestones by the deadline (though we’ll be working and tweaking right up until the last minute, no doubt).

The mic I bought is a Samson C01U (it’s a USB mic, so all I have to do is plug it into the computer and go to work). It was very resonably priced, but the difference in sound quality is quite remarkable. And of course using Audition over against the Windows sound recorder also makes a difference :scream:

I lookforward to hearing your guitar stuff.

ittrium - Thanks! Those are some great suggestions. I’m going to note that down for future use. As for incorporating it now, unfortunately I’m not sure how much time we’ll have. As Phil mentioned to me yesterday we could tweak every shot endlessly, but in keeping our eye on the end goal we may have to leave it as is. But I definitely appreciate you outlining that approach for jazzing it up. I’ll post Phil’s (what-is-for-now-the) final version of that shot this afternoon.


Another shot from the opening sequence (by Phil). This is the closeup shot on the shuttle window. I still need to composite in Patricia looking out (at the asteroid). This shows off the texturing on the shuttle much better.


Software: Lightwave 3D

Here’s the for now (unless we somehow end up with some extra time on our hands at the end) final shot for sq01 sc05. Phil darkened the shadow a bit and put in a camera move to make the shot a little more dynamic.

Play Video >>


Software: Lightwave 3D,Painter

This is the first shot of the shuttle in the opening sequence. Phil thinks the camera angle or something seems a bit strange now that it’s actually moving, so if there’s time we may revisit this one and try something a little different. But for now it’s the final version.

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Software: Lightwave 3D,Photoshop

We took a couple of runs at this one in terms of camera angle, speed, etc. The asteroid is actually from an early concept piece of mine, slightly blown up here in size. There’s perhaps a little disparity between the cleanness of the shuttle and the painted asteroid background, but hopefully it works fine for the purposes of a colored storyboard/animatic. Phil put it all together in Lightwave.

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Edit: Pesky DivX logo. I didn’t notice that until I posted. I’ve taken care of it now though (took it to a rough part of town and dropped it off; I’m pretty sure we’ll never see it again).


I think that in your “sq01 sc03” planet is very dark, and it’s seems like asteroid. There must be a wide difference in a color. And may be planet must be closer to the center of the screen?


This one looks very interesting. I can’t wait to see the final.


ittrium - thanks for the feedback!

blueglitchman - thanks!


Software: Lightwave 3D

The shuttle docking in the asteriod. Last shot of the opening shuttle sequence. (/Phil)

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Great docking= you can unlock your seat belts now! Keep those shots comming- the end is near! Nothing like your brother to lend a hand! I’m one of the very last one artist entries. And I just finally did some 2d stuff as you get into this cool 3d stuff. I’ve bought my popcorn for your trailer!


HEY! you have done a brilliant work here! your shuttle model works so good in animation!!! i love the docks scene! bravò!:applause:


userBrian - Thanks! The 3D stuff is all Phil. And the extra two weeks we have now means we can probably beef up a couple more scenes beyond what I had hoped.

OZ - Always great to hear from you! Thanks for the encouragement!


Nice! Are you going to do a lot of different angles on this shot? I am wondering because it seems so short.


blueglitchman - Yeah, the docking shot is actually the final of five four-second shots of the shuttle. They’re interspersed evenly between the opening text. So the camera begins high and behind the shuttle, and sort of jumps (between cuts) closer and closer until we get to this reverse shot of the shuttle coming into the asteroid to dock. We’re pretty much sticking to the storyboards since we’re more or less happy with the way it’s all set up (plus no time to change things now even if we weren’t :slight_smile: ).


Software: Lightwave 3D

The new and improved final version of the first shot of the shuttle. With the time extension for the challenge, Phil decided to take another run at this one. Now he’s moving on to the heavy lifters.

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This is a rough visualization for the heavy lifter scene. It’s fairly faithful to the original boards, although Phil noted that in the book the launch is actually an ocean launch at night and so he made that adjustment.

This shows just the basic untextured model right now. Phil’s working on floating launch platforms for the final shot.

All done in Lightwave 3D [8].


Wow, the image looks wonderful!! Waiting to see the final with all the textures.


aahhh… that sounds cool. i love the toon aproach you guys are taking with this project.