Eon (Trailer) Entry: Wade White


I probably won’t post too many more of these short video shots since I’m ever aware of the limited file space and don’t want to come up short for the final entry.

Oh? I wasn’t aware of a definite limit size, I just remember “use common sense”.
What is the limit size?


Well, I suppose I could be wrong, but I was sure I’d read somewhere that the video file space for the challenge is 50MB just like a regular CG Portfolio. It might have been in the FAQ? I could be wrong, but I’m thinking it wouldn’t hurt to double check that just to make sure.

Edit: Okay, so I just re-checked the FAQ, and in response to a question by Oweron regarding video file limit, Mibus (on page 9 of the FAQ) stated “There’s no specific hard-set limit, so just be reasonable.” So you’re right userBrian, no limit.

See, I should just stop talking. :slight_smile:

I think I got the 50MB figure from reading the CG Uploader help page which is linked from the instructions page. I guess I assumed it meant this was the limit for the challenge as well. Sorry for the confusion.


hey 53! Just want to drop that I like your previous shuttle color scheme. Gives it more volume. Your new NASA style looks bit flat to me, imho. Anyway you choose, keep progressing :thumbsup: I want to see this finished.


Oweron - thanks for the input, and the word of encouragement. It’ll get finished, one way or the other. Lots of drawing/painting left, though. And I’m headed to the audio store this weekend to see about renting some equipment and redoing the voice over stuff.


NOTHING to crits…:thumbsup: splendid design,cool modeling and a very nice toon fx!
good job! Really like this!


NOTHING to crits…:thumbsup: splendid design,cool modeling and a very nice toon fx!
good job! Really like this!


Hey-Waiting for your next post! Hope you are having fun!


OZ - thanks for the encouraging words! Sorry I’ve taken so long to respond. Christmas time has been keeping me busy. :slight_smile:

userBrian - Yeah, I slowed down here didn’t I? I’ll probably post some stuff later today, and then hopefully get more done this week. Christmas slowed me down more than I had anticipated. And no audio fix just yet. But I’m still on track to finish the challenge!


Software: Lightwave 3D

This is the final Logo image for the second to last shot. Phil took my intial concept and modelled this verison in Lightwave (the original was just 2D with a simple wipe played in reverse). This has a much better flare and all around smoother animation. Oh yeah, he also came up with the idea of having the letters start out black and then fade to white as the line hits and finishes its run across the screen.

Play Video >>


Wow. 20 days left. Looks like we’re coming into the home stretch now.

This image isn’t finished yet. Just at the color stage without any real texturing. Needs higher value contrast, I think. But I thought I’d post something to show I’m still in this and still plugging away. Christmas is a hard time to work/post. Too much fun with the kids!

Anyway, back to work this week. More to come!


Liking the logo, I think it needs slowing down though. I understand that it’s just a trest at this stage, so maybe you already got some different timing sorted :slight_smile:

I also like the train drawing, I wish I could draw 'cos I think al ot of my own is going to end up being storyboard placeholders :smiley: but in any case I like the “camera” angle you chose for it. Should allow for some nice interesting external views out the windows.


DMarkwick - thanks for the comments! The logo is pretty fast, I agree; unfortunately its timing is dictated by its place in the overall timing of the trailer (and to some degree the soundtrack specifically) and so at this late stage in the going it’s unlikely to change. It’s got 2 seconds/60 frames; no more, no less :slight_smile:

Glad you like the train. I meant to mention that I used some reference for it, though I did draw it freehand. It’s not quite the original shot/angle I had in mind, but I also like this angle. And have no fear, I as well anticipate at this point that I’m going to have my share of “placeholder” storyboards in the final submission. But that’s peerfectly acceptable according to the guidelines, and finishing with something is the end goal (or it’s always been my main one from the start anyway :slight_smile: ).


Ah, OK then I guess it will make much more sense timing-wise when viewed in context :slight_smile: I should really stop making out-of-context comments until they’re in a more final form (i.e. in some sort of edited sequence). But good job on it, it’s very clear and consise and not too busy for a short slot.


Nah, don’t worry about it. :slight_smile: As I said I agree with your assessment of the timing in and of itself. It is fast (and in that regard a shame we don’t get to see more or Phil’s work). The problem arose in that I did the music first when I entered the challenge, i.e. even before doing the storyboards (which is probably a backwards way to approach it), and so I ended up trying to fit the images into the music rather than the other way round. At least I learn something new at every step. :scream:


Actually I think you did it the right way around, I always find that a good piece of music first is the best way to time your projects, I always say that music is easily 50% of a good outcome. It’s a pity we/I cannot use existing music as I’m no musician. I’m relying on a third party to create the music based on pre-viz, not the way I’d prefer but there you go.

So if you’ve already got the soundtrack then you’re already more than halfway IMO, I’ll be interested to see more especially when the soundtrack is added.


Heh, if you check back to page six of the thread you can catch the current animatic with the full soundtrack and (rough) voice over. :slight_smile: It’ll show how the (old) logo fits in too.


***** deleted (uploader issues apparently) *****


Software: Lightwave 3D

So, it’s really coming down to the wire now, eh? Well, here’s a little test render of the shuttle from the opening sequence (done by Phil). He put a nice texture on the ship, although it doesn’t really show up in this shot because the camera is too far out. It’ll show up better in one of the close-ups he’s working on.

I’m working on the audio this weekend. I picked up a nice little microphone over the holidays and the results are much better. I’ve got half of the voiceover stuff re-reocrded, and should have the rest done by tomorrow (waiting for one person to show up).

Colored storyboards are also on the way. Maybe by tomorrow night?

Play Video >>


I think that shadow from asteroid has a very straight border.


On our budget we were lucky to afford the square asteroid…

Actually the final render should use a slightly more irregular shadow edge, along with higher contrast on the lighting and a touch of camera momement to give the starfield some life (the scene feels a bit dead with the stars fixed in place).