Eon (Trailer) Entry: Wade White


OZ - Yeah, I’m a little slow, eh? Now that all this new software has arrived, I’ve been working like mad to come to grips with it. I think my brother might come onboard and do a little modelling for me. So hopefully in the next day or so I’ll have something to post. Thanks for the continued interest.


A quick concept piece as a lighting test in the shot where the heavy lifters launch. The plan is to have the one in the background begin launching, then have one shoot up in the extreme foreground covering roughly the right quarter to third of the screen. Not sure if back lit is the way to go though.


Well, here it is all put together. The audio is all over the place, although I did manage to clean up the compression issues. And I’ve been slow getting backgrounds done. Big hurdles to get over there. 41 days left. The animatic does include some of the shots and colored storyboards I’ve already swapped into the main file.

The cover image here is some early concept art of the corridor I never posted, but since I didn’t have new images I figured I may as well stick it up here. It doesn’t actually feature in the animatic though.

Software: Mirage, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Painter

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It’s coming along nicely. I know the sand is falling thru the hourglass- But I was wondering, do you plan to do any character animation ? Otherwise some zooms or pans or depth scrolling would be possible, asside from your nice 2d paintings.


userBrian - Yes, my plan is to have some actual animation, though as you said, the sand is falling … The storyboards call for a few pans and zooms.

The 2D paintings I have in the animatic now are all basically just my colored storyboards. It may that some of them will have to stand in the final simply due to time constraints.

I’m working now on the shot of the subway zipping into the station (sq04 sc02) and plan to have Patricia’s hair blowing around in the shot following (sq04 sc03). I actually managed to animate the first shot with the train (a very simple model done in LightWave; actually maybe I’ll post the model later today, although it’s really pretty basic) and get it on to a separate layer in Mirage, so now I just have to paint in the foreground and background plates (hopefully tonight). It took a long time to get the animation done and layered (several hours); I’ve never composited something like that before. I’m pretty much learning a lot of this stuff as I go, and I suspect there are far quicker ways to do it than the methods I’ve been using. At least, I hope there are. :scream:


I hope you don’t discard the mushroom shot. It’s strong compositionaly and the scale works well too. Just switch out the shrooms for some structures and you’ll have a strong scene.

Maybe working in your final aspect ratio for your concepts would speed up the dialing in of compositions too. Just a thought. Later!


igorstshirts - Glad you liked the mushroom shot. :slight_smile: For my current stuff I’m definitely sticking with the final aspect ratio. All my animation with the subway is being done in 640x480 (which I’ll letterbox to a 16:9 aspect ratio). As you point out, this means less time painting since there’s less canvas to cover.


Okay, this is probably the simplest model for a subway ever, but I hope it’ll do the job. Pretty much all that is visible is a long string of subway cars coming toward the camera at about the angle of the top right image. And it’ll be blurred, with the focus being in the foreground where Patricia will be standing on a platform. And I’ll composite in some lighting and shadow effects via Painter and Mirage. So as utilitarian as it looks, I think it’ll work.


yeah that should work. i added film grain for my gingerbread men (in my gallery) to make up for the pretty much untextured walls, table and cookie sheet.


Software: Lightwave 3D,Painter

Just a short 2 second clip here. This is the subway shot I’ve been working on for the past couple of nights. One thing I learned yet again while doing it is that everything takes longer than I think it will (a lesson I’ve actually learned many times over in all kinds of circumstances in life, but for some reason it still never ceases to surprise me).

This is sort of halfway between the colored storyboard milestone and the final animation, though it may have to stand as is (after color-timing) in the final unless I get everything else done and have time to come back and polish it.

I did the train model in LightWave. It’s very basic, but as you can see the angle doesn’t demand too much. I had planned a more dynamic shot, but my 3D animation skills (what few I had) are very rusty and I more or less had to go with this basic straight-on shot and move on. I need to do some shading on the train before it comes out of the tunnel and then again when it hits the shadowed area near the bottom, but I haven’t quite figured out how I’m going to do that yet, so I’m moving on to the next shot for the time being.

Everything else was done in Painter IX.5. The foreground (which includes the platform, railing, and the top green triangle patch of the mouth of the tunnel covering the train as it comes out) and background are on separate layers, as is the character (she’s a stand-in for now; I hope to come back and improve her as well before the end).

There has to be a faster way to bring the model render into Mirage. I used the alpha channel to isloate the individual shots of the model (using Photoshop, actually), but I couldn’t figure out how to have the software do it automatically so I ended up compositing every frame (60 altogether) manually. It was a pain, and I’m sure there’s got to be like a 10 second way to do it, but I’ll be snookered if I know what it is.

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mitchelhunt - That’s a good trick. I have the train on a separate layer in Mirage, so I can probably put some sort of effect like that over it. Thanks! btw, I like the cookie sheet :slight_smile:


By way of introduction, my brother (forum name = foreshadowed) has officially joined the challenge and is in the process of modelling the shuttle for the first few shots of the trailer. We’re trying it celshaded for the finished look so it’ll fit in with the 2D backgrounds I’m working on. He’ll probably post some WIP stuff in the not too distant future.


Another bit of concept art I never posted, mostly because it’s quite rough. But the model for the shuttle is nearing completion, so I figured I may as well post the concept it’s being based on (which is reasonably similar to some of the other images of it I’ve already posted). But take my word for it, the actual model looks way cooler. :slight_smile: Coming soon!


Model of the shuttle for the opening sequence. Done in LightWave. Celshaded. Will probably receive the official NASA black & white paint job for the actual shots.


Great model! Looks like a cool idea to cell shade it so you keep the style feel with your hand painted work. Or are you maybe going to mix realistic 3d with it? I’m wondering about that for mine.


Nice design fifty3dragons, you could push the detail of the ink on the your ship.


ThE ShiFT-team


userBrian - Thanks! Yeah, I’m trying to stick with pretty much a 2D look. We’re trying cel-shading for now, just to see how well it works. It would be a bit of a time saver if I can get it to integrate with the rest of it.

ThE-ShiFT - Glad you like it! When I handed the concept art over to Phil, I actually suggested he keep detail to a minimum since my original thought was to paint over still shots of the shuttle from the various angles I needed. In fact, my first idea was simply to draw the shuttle by hand in the first place. But then I thought doing some modelling and trying to composite it into a 2D background would be interesting since it’s something I’ve never done before, and Phil had the time to work on the model. Plus I figured a model would help maintain consistency between shots. But your right, we may need to punch up the detail. I might try it via some texturing (something else I’ve not done a lot of) though still keeping the cel-shaded look.


To me those windows look more like highlight reflections from a yellow sun maybe. A bit too minimalist. I think you might outline the windows. I don’t think cell shading needs only outline lines. Oh-looking again I see you are working towards that. I think they will look great once you finish. It is a good concept and model. I guess it takes time to develop that style- you are definitely headed there!


Software: Lightwave 3D,Painter

So here’s a little 4 second test run for the compositing of the shuttle model over a moving background. It demonstrates a number of things, I think:

  1. the model defintely needs more texturing/detail, as suggested, in order to integrate it better into the overall picture (also the lighting isn’t done right here).

  2. I think the motion is too fast. I’ll have to drop it down and have a much slower fly by. The trick is having the Earth in this shot and then not appear in the next, so I have to make sure I choose the right angle here. I guess I was trying to get it out of the way too quickly.

The shuttle shot is just a single still, of course, held for the duration of the shot.

The background was done in Painter (at twice the size, i.e. 1280x960). I looked at several reference shots for Earth, and actually followed one in particular for the coloring. I laid down the paint and then smudged/blurred it around until I got something I liked.

The actual compositing and render was done in Mirage.

Oh yeah, the cover image is just the shuttle again with its NASA paint job. Still no texturing yet, though.

I probably won’t post too many more of these short video shots since I’m ever aware of the limited file space and don’t want to come up short for the final entry.

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Yeah, it’s a work-in-progress. On the modelling side of things it’s more or less finished, but either via texturing or paint-over we’re going to need to do a bit more with it, as my latest video test shows. I like your suggestion of outlining the windows. I’ll definitely give that a try.

Thanks for sticking with us!