Eon (Trailer) Entry: Wade White


that’s coming along nicely. It’s too early to tell but you look fairly organized. My only crit might be to end the trailer on a more climactic note… Something to attract the viewer to want to go see the movie. A money shot.



igortshirts - Heh. Screaming isn’t climactic enough? :smiley: Well, you’re the second person to bring up the ending now, so I guess maybe I’ll have to take another run at it. I’ve got Adobe Audition on order, so I’ll be able to do some more with the music (and the audio in general, I hope) in a couple of weeks and so I’ll see about reworking those final few shots as well. Until then, I’m going to start working on some backgrounds and rough animation for shots I know are definitely staying in.

Thanks for the feedback!


Whoops. Bad upload.


Test run of the logo animation (sq07 sc01 of the trailer). The logo itself was made in Photoshop, then imported into Mirage for the animation and volumetrics effect.

Play Video >>


really great job,
my compliments


puuuuf! u have a very clear and good plan about all this…man this is sweet…i like your work…so good luck:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


VERY well done! “WHERE ARE YOUUUU” OH BOY! yes this trailer touched me! cool! keep it up! KEEP IT UP!


MediaCyborg - Thanks!

rattlesnake - Glad you like it. I’ve tried to lay out a clear map for it. Now here’s to hoping I can pull it off :scream:

OZ - Heh. I like that part too. I did it down in my office at night. I was afraid I was going to wake the kids up :slight_smile:


Looks interesting, nice work in getting music as well as male and female voices this early. Looking forward to seeing your updates.:thumbsup:


userBrian - thanks! I’ve got some better recording software (and equipment) on the way, so hopefully by month’s end I’ll have the real voice over stuff done (I’d better; that only leaves a month and a half). I’m hoping to finish the initial music and SFX milestone before then (just waiting for Audition twiddling fingers).

The next week and a half is going to be pretty slow as I’ll be away for five days over next weekend, but I hope to post a couple more pics before leaving. I’ve completed all the text scenes now from the opening third of the trailer, and once I get the animation done for the visual shots I’ll post that entire sequence.


Nice work on the previz, and the animated logo/title is good but could do with slowing down imo. As a first concept it’s fine though :slight_smile: and more than I’ve done yet :smiley: I’ll be watching this one I think.


great work on the logo. as simple as it may apear it catches just the essence of the stone, the round o, the tubelight… great work, works well :thumbsup:

bout the voiceover, nice start, looks like you got tons of work ahead too, you put really many scenes in it. i like the intro witht the docking maneuver and the introduction of particia a lot. the middle part is more calm to raise again towards the end, that is cool so far, but take care you dont loose too much pace there.

great progess mate, keep up the great work. looking forward to your next update :slight_smile: keep on rockin’!


HE HE he he. Hope not…i mean,about the kids! nice story.
well…im impatient to see more.the animatic works pretty well and the movie is clear but filled with question that can capture the spectator attention.
well done…again!!


DMarkwick - Thanks! The logo has to fit inside a two second scene, so that’s probably why it seems so fast. I’m hoping (fingers crossed here) it will “feel” right when played against the background of the music, pacing, etc.

TheFirstAngel - Thanks! You’re right, there are a lot of scenes (41 scenes spread over 7 sequences). I’ve finished 7 scenes so far, so I’m down to 34 (of course, those were all the text scenes and the logo :scream: ). But I’m going to give finishing all of it my best shot.

OZ - Thanks as always! Hopefully Audition will arive soon and I can post my music/SFX animatic next week sometime (with whatever shots I’ve inserted from the next stage). But unfortunately I’ll probably be off the boards for the next five days while I’m away.

As a general update, I was hoping to post a little more this week, but finishing my paper took up all my time. I present on Monday, so once I get back home next week I’ll be back in the game big time from then until the end. Thanks for all the great feedback! I see some great stuff being posted in the other threads. See you on the other side :slight_smile:


Okay, so not so much an an image that I think will make it into the final version (unless maybe it’s the secret unknown eighth chamber filled with giant mushrooms; I’m sure Bear had this in mind while he was writing). It could fit into the spot where I have them talking about alternate universes I suppose.

Consider this more a software test. I just picked up a copy of Painter IX.5 at the end of last week and I did this up this afternoon. I plan to use Painter for doing the backgrounds in the trailer. I find it a very intuitive program to use. And I actually did start off here with the idea of doing the shot of the heavy lifters launching, but I somehow ended up with this instead.

Anyway, just my way of saying I’m finally back from my time away, and I’m ready to jump back in with both feet. My package with the Adobe production suite also arrived, so I’ll have to switch back and forth between doing backgrounds and getting the SFX into the soundtrack. 48 days left. Should be fun.


Giant Mushrooms- Ha! Thanks for your comment in my thread about scale. Yes I’m working on scale now. The funny thing is that when I added the vstol I scaled the trees way down but I forgot to scale down the three mushrooms. The mushrooms are the three gray things between the trees, slightly to the right. SO…the mushrooms were HUGE! I mean gigantic! I thought it was pretty cool and actually got a story idea for them, but I deleted them here because I wanted to work on the scale more! Ha ha! I thought i’d put these skyscraper sized mushrooms somewhere because they were so cool, but that’s just a side-story possibility! Amazing.


So you are back!!! Im happy to see you again and…cool new post! I like the mood of your image! Can’t wait to see the final entry!:applause:


making it into the trailer or not, the last image is beautiful… I also like your idea and your work so far… keep it up…:thumbsup:


userBrian - Mushrooms must be the secret codeword of the trailer challenge :slight_smile:

OZ - Yep, I’m back and ready to go! Glad you liked the pic. I think Painter is going to work out quite nicely for what I have planned.

icedeyes - Thanks!


I admit to be very interested to see a complete scene from your trailer.When did you think some will be ready?