Eon (Trailer) Entry: Wade White


I really like your concept - it’s probably one of the best in this challenge. It’s great that you pulled this off knowing you don’t have the time to complete it the way you would really want to instead of minimizing the project to an “accomplishable” size. Your chances are still very good since the trailer challenge does not specifically require hollywood-like effects, but rather a good concept - at least, that’s how I understood it.

Good luck! :thumbsup:


Nice work man, I wish you good luck.



ittrium - thanks a lot!

Galaktor - wow, thanks for the words of encouragement! I’m glad you enjoyed our concept. The one thing I did bring into this challenge was a bit of a background in writing, so we at least had that working in our favour I hope. :slight_smile: And yeah, I was pretty committed from the beginning to keep the length, even if it meant a lot of storyboards. We definitely learned just how much work it takes to pull off even that, let alone to get a fully animated trailer out the door in just four months of night and weekends (I’m still blown away by all the entries that were able to achieve such complete results in the same amount of time; there’s such high quality in this contest, it’s great).

spire - thanks!


Yeah you right, very much work for all of us.But in my opinion, it worth it! We all learned lots of things from each others.
See ya!


Well worth it. Definitely. I learned a ton of stuff from everyone here, both in their comments in our thread as well as the work they posted for their own entries. That’s definitely the real pay off for doing something like this, the new skills and experience you walk away with after it’s finished.


Ok…im common to love ultrarealistikmegatecnique cgi…im common to consider that trailer as to be very “hollywood” like…and than…i “impact” to your work…that is away from the common visions i have in mind…and i feel myself happy…happy because you show how to tell a story…and how to do it well. great work…i really love it…is very touching…i feel it inside me…is a sin that i did not write in english enough to tell how i like your trailer.

One of my top 5 here.


You write just fine, OZ. We got the message, loud and clear. :slight_smile:

We did very much want to tell a good story, and I said as much in my very first post. I’m pleased to see that came through.

Many thanks for your very kind words and for all your wonderful encouragement throughout the challenge. Your work has been an inspriation, and your and other’s continued feedback has helped us keep plugging away these past four months.


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